Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Mike Melbye's Lincoln Stars All-Time Line Charts

A few weeks ago, Stars radio announcer and historian Mike Melbye reached out to me and asked if I could help him put together a list of players who would be worthy of being included on an all-time line chart(s). 

 Of course I agreed to help.

So what I did at the time was to create two different "teams," or line charts.  A first team, and a second team.  My first team consisted of former Stars players who were "no brainers."  The second team consisted of some no brainers, and some players one could argue for or against.

This past Tuesday, Mike was the guest speaker at the monthly Blueline Booster Club Meeting.  Mike unveiled his all-time line charts (which I'll include below), and brought along former Stars VP Steve Zoucha, and Stars hall-of-famer Derek Reynolds to help with the presentation and talk about some of the players on his list.

These lists are a lot of fun to about as fans, and I hope we get a lot of comments below.  There are so many great players to consider.  Mike's line charts below are pretty similar to the charts I shared with him a few weeks ago.  A few names on my line charts that weren't on Mike's were forwards Garrett Peterson, Jared Hanson, and defensemen Lee Marvin and Dax Lauwers.  I might also have Michael Bitzer on my 2nd team.

Without further adieu, here are the two all-time line charts Mike put together.  After the line charts, I'll include a note from Mike.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Ron Convey and Scott Grau for allowing me to be the speaker at the Blueline Booster Club meeting on April 7th.  Two good friends of mine had a story or two to share as well, and I appreciate Derek Reynolds and Steve Zoucha for showing up and making the night even more fun.  Thanks guys.
With Yeti’s help I came up with two ‘All-time Lincoln Stars Line Charts’ of 21 former players each and posted them at the meeting.  The line charts were for fun and to help with the story telling that went on.  I had several requests to post them, and I felt Yeti’s blog was the best place to do so.  
There had to be over a dozen guys that were left off that probably shouldn't have been, so feel free to make arguments for your picks that didn't make it.
See you all at the Ice Box on Friday night.


Yeti said...

BTW, that line of Boll-Reynolds-Bollig would put the fear of god into any player. That's one scary line.

Brandon Anderson said...

add Fouts and McKee as your starting D men and thats one hell of an opening Line Brawl!

rightwinger31 said...

That fourth line looks a little feisty!

Unknown said...

I'm personally a little surprised to not see Jason Gregroie or bryan hogan.

lincolnfan said...

Ryan Kretzer is a player I think a case could be made for. however, i agree with all of what was there... it's hard to narrow it down.

Anonymous said...

Gregoire is on there on the 2nd line