Sunday, April 5, 2015

B³ Postgame Recap: Lincoln 0, Sioux Falls 7

Friday night at the brand new Denny Sanford Premier Center in Sioux Falls, SD, the Stampede scored four goals in the first period to help trample and shutout the Stars by a score of 7-0.

Click here to view the Pointstreak boxscore.

With the loss, the Stars fell to 17-36-5 (39 points) on the season with two more games to be played.  The 36 losses by the 2014-15 team is now tied for the most losses in one season with the 2009-10 Stars team that finished 16-36-8.  Click here to view the current league standings.

For obvious reasons this recap will be brief.  I listened to the radio broadcast, but I did not watch it on FASTHockey.

As I mentioned above, this game went south early for the Stars as the Stampede outscored Lincoln 4-0 in the opening period.  Uber-talented '98 forward Kieffer Bellows, who has feasted on the Stars this season, had 3 points (2g, 1a) in the first period alone in this game.

Stars goaltender Cam Hackett got the start in this contest and played the first period before he was pulled.  Hackett stopped 13 of 17 shots on goal in the opening twenty minutes.  Lincoln netminder Peyton Jones played the last two periods and stopped 13 of 16 shots on goal.

Lincoln actually outshot Sioux Falls 17-16 in the final forty minutes, but the Stampede goaltending tandem of Stefanos Lekkas and Arthur Brey combined to pitch the shutout.  Maybe I missed something mentioned on the radio broadcast, but I'm not sure why both Stampede goaltenders played in this game.  I'm pretty sure Lekkas got the start, but maybe he was injured in the 2nd period?  I'm not sure.  Or maybe the Stampede knew this was an easy win and wanted to get both goaltenders some playing time.

Sioux Falls outscored Lincoln 3-0 in the second, and third periods to finish out the scoring.  Shots on goal were 33-21 in favor of the 'Pede.  Sioux Falls went 1-for-2 on the powerplay while the Stars went 0-for-5.

Stampede forward Kieffer Bellows finished with a hat trick and one assist for a total of 4 points against the Stars.  In four games against Lincoln this season, Bellows racked up 11 points (7g, 4a).

I hate to sound apathetic, but I've never felt this "happy" the season is about to end.  For a fan, it's been rough.  I can't imagine what these kids are going through, especially since the head coach continues to throw them under the bus at every opportunity during the postgame radio show.  I normally don't listen to the postgame coach's comments, but I did last night.  I was quickly reminded why I don't listen.  As a fan, it's hard to feel excited for the future at this point.

The final two games of the season will be played this weekend against the Omaha Lancers.  Friday's game against Omaha will be played at the IceBox, and the final game of the season for the Stars will take place at the Ralston Arena in Ralston, NE on Saturday.  More on those two games later in the week.

Thanks for reading.  Go Stars.


Anonymous said...

Right there with ya Yeti. Ready to pull the plug on this season. Wish we could pull the plug on this head coach also.

Anonymous said...

I'm completely baffled.
I was all gung-ho at the beginning of the season (like many Stars fans) what with the new owner, Gen. Man., and head coach all in place. I didn't really expect us to make the playoffs at all--but I DID expect to see us make steady improvement during the course of the season. Sadly, you could make the argument that we played our best hockey early in the season and have gone downhill at a rapid pace since then. I've been looking at stats from past seasons and I don't think ANY team has given up so many goals. And the promise of a team that emphasized "puck control" obviously never materialized.
I know that there's always the possibility that we could turn things around next year the way Youngstown and Tri-City did this year--we have a lot of players eligible to return and some very promising new talent coming in as well--but so do teams like Omaha, Sioux City, Tri-City, and Waterloo.
I guess what I'm hoping for is someone (ANYONE) to explain to me in detail why I should be optimistic about next year.
We ALL would like to be optimistic about next year, but rather than blaming the players, it's going to take a specific plan of action to sooth my shattered nerves.

lincolnfan said...

just my opinion, but let's ignore the win-loss record for a moment... I think the way our coach repeatedly places the blame on our players after every game is enough of a reason to make a coaching change. I don't generally listen to the comments after the game, but every time I have I've heard nothing other than complaining about how our players don't listen or don't put forth enough effort. this isn't the NHL... these are young kids who are trying hard to earn scholarships, and if they're lacking a sense of urgency, at this level it's just as much on the coach as it is them. Coach McGroarty was a very passionate coach, but I never heard him place the blame on the players like this coach does. the system that's in place obviously is not working and i have little to no confidence that next season will be any different if no changes are made.

I agree Yeti that I have never been more ready for a season to end. this has by far been the worst season on many levels. I know we've had a couple other losing seasons, but none of them have had this negative vibe that this does. I guess I'm glad we got a note from the owner that he is taking into consideration the feedback he's gotten, but it would be nice if he would be present at the Town Hall they are having. I'm sure our owner is a busy guy, but sending Jon Hull there to supposedly answer questions and "provide transparency" seems like a cop out on his part..

Anonymous said...

its pretty simple Hartsburg is a joke as a head coach and Hull is more of one as a GM, If I owned the team I would be making changes on the 12th

Anonymous said...

It would be nice to have the town meeting at a time when all fans can attend. Doesn't make sense to take time off work to be able to attend the meeting at such an early time. Not very accommodating for out of town fans.

Anonymous said...

Can't be blaming the players after every lose. No system in place. Doing the same thing over and over again does not make change. Coach has to treat these young men with respect and not as if they were older professional players. Morale on the team has to be at an all time low!

Anonymous said...

Much easier to get rid of the coach than get rid of the entire team! Time for Hartsburg to go and get some positive leadership behind the bench. Intimidation and fear will only work so long. Nothing will change for next year even if the players are one year older. They have stopped playing their hearts out only to be belittled and criticized. Time to point the finger where it belongs! Go Stars go this weekend!

Anonymous said...

Obviously we aren't going to hear Hull tell us that he made mistakes in player selection or coaching. And there's going to be a healthy dose of company-line 'rah-rah' at the town hall meeting.

But I think hard questions need to be asked, up to and including WHY he thinks next year will be better if 1. he returns a team the coach often criticizes during the post game shows and 2. if this team only has 50%-75% return (per the Coach's own post-game comments), then aren't we back at square one?

Also there needs to be questions about the off-ice experience too: the half-executed phone app, the poor social media and email presence, the lack of specials, and the awful selection at Face-Off.

I hope it doesn't get ugly, but if there needs to be some tense moments I'd rather have that than people nodding and saying nothing with a mouthful of free pizza.

Crazy Carl said...

I just hope all the people who are disappointed will shed the anonymity of the Internet and email Ryan Schiff and show up to speak their minds at the town hall on Friday.

Anonymous said...

Stars have a great chance this weekend. Omaha have several players injured and as last Tuesday showed.....thinking of post season hockey and staying injury and suspension free.