Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Roster movement recap

I've had more than a few people reach out to me the in last couple of days asking if I could recap all of the player movement that has occurred for the Lincoln Stars the past month or so.

I'll split the article up into two categories:  departures and additions.

As a reminder, the USHL trade deadline is Tuesday, March 2nd.  As we get closer to that deadline we'll see even more player movement between league teams.

Traditionally between now and the trade deadline, you'll see teams who have thrown in the towel and aren't competing for a playoff spot trade veteran players for draft picks or younger players.  Conversely, teams fighting for a playoff spot or those established as a playoff team will trade draft picks or younger players for established vets who can provide instant depth.

(F) Chris Klack:  now playing for Ancaster Avalanche(OJHL); should play for Lincoln in 2015-15
(F) August Von Ungern-Sternberg: now playing for Wenatchee (NAHL)
(F) Max Humitz:  traded to Muskegon for a 7th round pick in the 2015 USHL Phase II draft
(F) Blake Christensen:  traded to Waterloo for unknown compensation
(F) Chris Dodero:  traded to Des Moines for unknown compensation

(F) Jack Badini: called up from Lincoln's affiliate list; should be with the Stars the rest of this season
(F) Chris Gambardella:  acquired from New Jersey Rockets (EHL)
(F) Waltteri Hopponen:  acquired from Sioux City for a conditional 5th round pick in the 2015 USHL Phase II draft
(F) Ethan Price:  acquired from Portland (WHL)

Hopefully that helps!  You can click here to see the current Stars roster which is posted on the Pointstreak website.


Anonymous said...

I hate to see the stars throwing in the towel already. Especially with a bunch of home games to go in feb.

Yeti said...


I really don't think the Stars are throwing in the towel based on these prior moves. If they were really raising up the white flag, I think you'd see other players being moved. That may happen if the Stars can't starting winning games consistently, but for right now, I don't believe the recent moves indicate that they are playing for next season already.

Just my 2 cents.

Kyle Thorburn said...

I don't think we are throwing it in yet. I would assume blake and max wanted more ice time, which isn't really available in lincoln. So they parted ways. It sucks seeing established guys go but that's just part of it. Don't lose the faith this tream has a great chance to get a lot of points at home this next month and a half, we just need to give them a home ice advantage and get loud. Don't lose the faith go stars!

Jason O said...

I think January is the deciding month here. 8/12 games are Western Conf games, essentially "4 point" games. Omaha was a good start and I think this weekend series with Fargo is very big.

But if Lincoln can't make ground here it's going to be tough to climb back in. I wouldn't be surprised to see a fire sale like TC last year or SC the year before if Lincoln doesn't win a majority of the conf games this month. Not saying they will but we see Hull ain't afraid to move guys, unlike coaches past.