Tuesday, September 23, 2014

USHL Protected Rosters Released

Very quick article tonight.  The USHL released the 23-player protected rosters and affiliate lists of all teams.

Click here to see the rosters.  It's a PDF file.

I'll post Lincoln's 23-player roster below.  No real surprises, in my opinion.  Forwards Angus Scott and Grant Jozefek were both moved to the affiliate roster, but both are still in town.  

Every year we see USHL teams keep a couple of extra players in town and they are able to move them back and forth from the 23-player roster to the affiliate roster.  Don't ask me to explain the USHL roster rules, because after all these years I'm still trying to figure them out.

A little surprised to not see '97 (D) Austin Cho on Lincoln's affiliate roster.  He's a RPI commit and a top prospect out of Canada.  2014 Phase II draft pick of the Stars.  He now appears on Cedar Rapids' affiliate roster.  Not sure yet if the Stars dropped him, or if they traded his rights to Cedar Rapids

BTW, here are my predictions for team captains.  I'm picking (2) captains, and (2) alternate captains.

C's:  Connor Frantti, Dominick Sacco
A's:  Max Humitz, Patrick Polino

I'd love to hear your predictions!  Leave a comment below and name your four.  Thanks!


Anonymous said...

THanks so much for keeping this blog going. I agree with your Captain choices except I think Polino and Frantti will be swapped.


Anonymous said...

I agree with three....I would guess ludvig hoff over humitz...can't wait for the game friday...GO STARS!!!

Kyle section K