Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Stars lose forward Troy Terry to the NTDP U-18 Team

Troy Terry in action at the Stars' 2014 tryout camp
Photo courtesy of Brandon Anderson
Some bad news for #StarsNation today as '97 forward Troy Terry has been cherry picked from the Lincoln Stars by the NTDP program.  Terry will play for the Team USA U-18 squad for the upcoming 2014-15 season.

Just last week, Terry participated in the USA Hockey Select 17 Tournament in Buffalo, NY where he made one of the two camp all-star teams and was eventually named to the 2014 USA Hockey Ivan Hlinka team.  From what I've been told, Terry played so well in that particular tournament that the NTDP also offered him a spot on the U-18 team.

Terry was acquired by the Lincoln Stars this past May in the Indiana Ice dispersal draft.  Terry was originally selected by the Indiana Ice in the 3rd round of the 2013 USHL Futures Draft.

I don't blame Troy for jumping all over this opportunity.  Although there have been players over the years who have spurned the NTDP, the majority of those who when asked by the program, eagerly report to Ann Arbor (NTDP headquarters).  The NTDP spends a LOT of money on a select few hockey players every year.  Not everyone is a fan of the NTDP (myself included).  In fact, the late Herb Brooks was very, very critical of the program.

Regardless, the program itself is a great way for players to be seen by a ton of NHL scouts.  Troy will get the opportunity to play both against international, USHL, and college competition this next season.  That's a big jump for a player who last year was participating in U-16 AAA hockey, but I think he'll do just fine.  He'll get a lot of attention heading into his first NHL draft year (2015), and he'll definitely get better as a hockey player.

I confirmed with Troy that he just finished the 10th grade, so there is a good chance he will play his senior year of high school here in Lincoln for the 2015-16 season.  However, some media outlets like Heisenberg's and Elite Prospects show Troy attending Denver University (where he has committed to play college hockey) starting the fall of 2015.  A lot can happen between now and the fall of 2015, so it will be a wait and see situation.

This reminds me a lot of the circumstances the Stars dealt with in the summer of 2012 with forward Sean Malone.  Malone was a highly-touted player out of the Buffalo, NY area that the Stars selected in the 2011 USHL Futures Draft.  It was looking like Sean would play the 2012-13 season in Lincoln, but after a very good performance at the USA Hockey Select 17 tournament in the summer of 2012, the NTDP poached Sean from the Stars.  Sean played the 2012-13 season for the U-18's, then went to Harvard University the season after that.  Sean never got to play a game in a Lincoln Stars uniform.

The NTDP is bulletproof, and can cherry pick at will.  They certainly don't need the Stars' approval to roster Terry or any other player already protected by a USHL team.  The NTDP brings the USHL too much positive attention (especially around NHL draft time) for them to be held to a higher standard by the league.  I'm just not a fan of the process of the NTDP being allowed to cherry pick players from competing teams in the same league.  That seems odd to me, but what do I know.

The Stars do not get any compensation from the USHL or the NTDP for the Team USA selecting Terry.  No extra draft pick, or monetary compensation.  The only thing the Stars are able to do now is protect an extra player on their affiliate list for the 2014-15 season since Terry will not be playing here.

Again, I don't ever fault the player for choosing the NTDP over a USHL team.  It's a no brainer for a player to choose to play for his country and the NTDP.  This one stings, though.  Terry really impressed me at Lincoln's tryout camp, and I know he would have been a top six forward for the Stars in this upcoming season.  I guess we'll just have to keep our fingers crossed that he plays in Lincoln in 2015-16.



Anonymous said...

That's bad news...I agree with you yeti...can't blame him but doesn't seem right to me that they can cherry pick from ushl teams...thanks for doing the blog yeti...I can't wait for hockey season to start.....GO STARS!!!!

section K

nutz4puckz said...

Think you pretty much hit the nail on the head with this topic. I get that they need to have good players to build the NTDP, but it does not seem quite right that they can come in and grab a guy and then the team that drafted them gets nothing in return. I suppose the league sees the exposure the NTDP brings the USHL league each year and that is enough for them to justify this, but something does not seem right with it. But as you say, they are bullet proof and can do as they wish.

No way you can fault Troy for making the jump, impossible to turn down the opportunity to play under the US flag, it's quite the honor and best of luck to him and hopefully we get to see Troy at least once at the Ice Box this season and then the following season.

Be curious to see what other comments and thoughts you get from readers on this topic. I wonder how the other coaches and GM's in the feel about the whole process?

Anonymous said...

Any word on when the schedule will come out yeti? I know its soon but can't remember when...

Section K