Sunday, October 20, 2013

B³ Postgame Recap: Lincoln 0, Youngstown 1 OT

Stars goaltender Michael Bitzer pitched a shutout through three periods in Youngstown, OH on Saturday night, but it wasn't enough as the Phantoms squeaked out a 1-0 overtime win over Lincoln.

Click here to view the Poinstreak boxscore.

With the overtime loss, the Stars dropped to 1-2-4 (6 points) and are in a three-way tie for last place in the USHL western conference.  Lincoln has gone to overtime in five of the seven games they've played this season.

Amazingly, the Stars picked up 3 of a possible 4 points this weekend despite only scoring one regulation goal in the two games.

This recap is be very, very short.  I did not get a chance to listen to the radio broadcast, or watch the game on FASTHockey.  If you'd like to add your thoughts of the game, please leave a comment below.

Just looking at the boxscore, it appears that the Stars had some big problems staying out of the box last night.  Since I didn't watch or listen to the game, I don't know if that was from playing undisciplined, or if they ran into a referee with an agenda.  I guess it could have been both, too.

Stars goaltender Michael Bitzer stopped all 28 shots on goal he faced through sixty minutes yesterday evening.  Phantoms goaltender Sean Romeo was just as good, stopping all 34 shots he faced in regulation.

Despite the Phantoms having a whopping 9 powerplay opportunities Friday evening, they were not able solve Bitzer or Lincoln's penalty kill unit.  Youngstown had triple the amount of PP chances last night, as Lincoln went 0-for-3 with the man advantage.  

Anyone out there know who the referee was last night?  The Pointstreak boxscore only lists "default referee."  Edit:  I've since been told the referee last night was Cory Chipperfield.  It's not a name I recognize so I assume he's new to the USHL this season.

From what I've heard from fans who were watching, a costly turnover in their own end cost the Stars this game.  Phantoms forward J.J. Piccinich took advantage of the turnover by scoring the game-winning goal, and only goal of the entire game, just 48 seconds into the overtime period.

Tough loss for sure, but it certainly appears to me that the Stars are getting better, especially on the back end.  Right now, the team is playing great defensive and the goaltending has been superb.  But the offense is still dormant.  The Stars have not score more than 3 goals in a game this season.  I'm hoping as all the new players adapt to the speed and physicality of the USHL, the offense will improve.

The Stars will return to the IceBox next weekend for back-to-back games.  On Friday, Lincoln will look for some payback against the Tri-City Storm, who beat the Stars 2-1 in a shootout on 9/28.  Saturday evening, the Muskegon Lumberjacks will visit the IceBox for the only time this season.  More on those two games later this week.

Go Stars.


lincolnfan said...

didn't get a chance to listen to the game either, but i must say i'm happy with 3 out of 4 points. it was a tough weekend, playing against a couple tough teams on the road (and a long road trip). if nothing else, we should be happy that the majority of the games the Stars have played have been forced into overtime. those points could be huge at the end of the season. i thought this year the Stars were doing a great job of staying out of the box, but looks like that wasn't the case last night.

looking forward to a couple of home games this weekend, go Stars!

Jason said...

I think I heard Phil Esposito say once that if you can take at least half the points on the road, you're setting yourself up well. Giving up only 2 goals to some darn good teams (particularly this year's crop of U18's) is something to take back home with pride.

Now it's time to take care of business at home and finish. Maybe a little time away from the Ice Box helps them get on the same page. Just gotta stay out of the box.

It pains me to say it, but Omaha and SF are looking good. Those last two playoff spots are going to be a war. Go Stars!

Anonymous said...

I know this has been discussed on here a few times this year but the opening light show, is that really a USHL thing? I happened to watch both games this weekend and both Team USA and Youngstown did their lineups with the Stars on the ice. If the league is making Lincoln keep the other team in the locker room wouldn't you think it would be the same for all teams?