Saturday, October 5, 2013

B³ Postgame Recap: Des Moines 4, Lincoln 3 OT Shootout

John Simonson scores in the 2nd period
Coutesy of Shooting Stars Photos
Despite being doubled up in shots on goal, the Des Moines Buccaneers escaped from the IceBox Friday night with a 4-3 overtime shootout win over the Lincoln Stars.

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With the shootout loss, the Stars dropped to 0-1-2 (2 points) on the season, and are tied for fifth place with four other teams in the west.  The Bucs earned their first win of the season and improved to 1-2-0.

Unfortunately, I was not in attendance last night due to a cold that has been kicking my butt this week.  I listened to a little bit of the first period on the radio and then I went to bed.  A good friend of mine who was at the IceBox last night was kind enough to send me his thoughts of the game, which I've included below in italics.

Pretty good game tonight and it's another one of those where the goalie on the other end was the show and I think the shots on goal show that.  Lincoln looked real good in the first and had nothing to show for it.  Shots were about how it the play went, 9-7 in favor of Lincoln, but it seemed to me the play was being carried by the Stars.

Two quick goals early in the second and it looked like they were going to put the hammer down and take control but Des Moines came right back and matched the two and then jumped up one a power play goal.  Less than a minute later we were right back at a tie when Parrottino slipped one by and that was the scoring for the duration of regulation.  

Just look at the shots in the 3rd and you'll see who was the dominant team, but they could not find the back of the net, but it was not for lack of trying.  Great effort and good hustle by everyone and all four lines looked good to me tonight.  

All things considered, I think we are OK.  I did not see much in the way of dumb penalties and the PK looks good still, but the PP could use some work.

For the second straight game, it sounds like the Stars ran into a hot goaltender.  Lincoln has put a whopping 84 shots on goal in the last two games (Tri City, Des Moines), but only 4 of those 84 shots have found twine.  The team is a good job of generating shots on goal, but no puck luck.  You gotta think that will change.

Not the start we all had hoped for, but the season is still very young.  This is a young team, with a lot of new faces, so it could take some time for them to find their identity.  Plenty of time to turn it around and begin winning games.

Go Stars.


starstruck said...

Wondering if anyone else has any thoughts on opposing team introductions (or lack thereof). Starting lineup for the opposing team is announced before the game, but opponents don't come onto the ice until home team opening/intros are done, right when the Star Spangled Banner is to be sung. My understanding is this was decided by the USHL.

Personally, I never liked this format when we went to away games - their announcer would mumble our lineup prior to the game (too bad they can't be professional like Craig) and our team generally came out onto the ice in the dark.

Opening Friday night seemed discombobulated to me - seemed like Stars came on the ice without much fanfare. Just seems Stars had a good pre-game set-up and in my opinion, it is unfortunate USHL has to dictate changes.

lincolnfan said...

Not sure if my last comment went through, so sorry if this is a duplicate, Yeti.

I also am not a fan of the changes to the opening lineups. I used to really be proud of the Stars introductions, but last Friday just seemed weird with them having the opening team come out basically right as the Stars' starting lineup was ending. I guess I was curious if this was a Stars' organization decision or a USHL decision. If it was the USHL, then I guess the chances of it being switched back to how it used to be are slim.

Jason said...

The whole think is pretty awkward now. If the USHL is all wound up about negativity...whatever. I won't argue that point.

But it needs to be cleaner, and maybe some of that points at the Stars.

I'd do the welcome onto the ice, pause, let the starters skate to the back, read off the opposing lineup, pause, drop the lights, go into the team intro and let them skate over to the bench, with the starters lining up on the blueline after the final intro of coaches.

THEN let the other team out on the ice, line up and sing the anthem.

That's just me, but I'm just a beer-drinker in the stands.

AJ said...

I completely agree this new intro format does nothing but take the fans out of it. We definitely helped intimidate the other team and now that is gone.