Thursday, September 19, 2013

Updated 23-player protected roster and affiliate list

As expected, the USHL released the 23-player protected rosters for all teams today.

Click here to see those rosters.  I will post Lincoln's 23-player protected roster below.  These will be the players that will start the 2013-14 regular season.  The actual protected roster is 23 players, but coaches are allowed to move players to and from the affiliate roster during the first part of the season.  Lincoln did this last year as well.  It allows teams to keep more than the 23 players in town and ready to play.

Anyway, here is the updated roster.  I'll post a few thoughts below, also.

23-player protected roster:
G - Michael Bitzer  (Overager)
G - Nick Schmit 

D - Zach Frye 
D - Zack Pittman
D - Daniel Willett
D - Jared Kolquist  (Overager)
D - Luke Shiplo  (Import)
D - Ryan Ivey
D - Wilson Vershay

F - Max Humitz
F - David Parrottino
F - Luke Voltin
F - Christian Lampasso
F - Dominick Sacco
F - Daniel Kucerovy
F - John Simonson  (Overager)
F - Hunter Anderson
F - Brandon Smith
F - Tommy Marchin
F - Jonathan Desbiens  (Import)
F - Magnus Hoff  (Overager - Import)
F - Nicholas Monfils
F - Keegan Ward 

17-player affiliate list:
F - Thomas Carey ('95)
F - Drew Callin ('95)
F - Gordie Helmuth ('96)
F - Miguel Fidler ('96)
D - Joshua Owings ('96)
D - William Scherer ('96)
D - Michael Prapavessis ('96)
F - Tyler Nanne ('96)
F - Grant Loven ('97)
F - Colton Fletcher ('97)
F - Zach Grzelewski ('97)
F - August Von Ungern-Sternberg ('97)
F - Michael Floodstrand ('97) 
F - Angus Scott ('97)
D - Tyler Jutting ('97)
F - Jared Bethune ('97)
F - Tye Ausmus ('97)

The names not included above that were on Lincoln's training camp roster are (D) Connor Chambers, and (F) Garrett Brossart.  

I'm a bit surprised that Brossart was not protected.  He was one of only a few returning forwards from last season.  I assume that he will either get picked up by a different USHL team, or play in the NAHL, where he was drafted by the Bismark Bobcats earlier this year.

Chambers was the only defenseman on Lincoln's training camp roster that did not have prior USHL experience, plus he was undrafted.  So unfortunately, the odds were against him to begin with.

Forwards Drew Callin and Thomas Carey have been moved to the affiliate list.  I assume that they will still be allowed to stay in town for the first part of the season (or maybe longer), and will be moved to and from the main protected roster when needed by the coaches.  If I recall correctly, the Stars did pretty much the same thing last season with Garrett Brossart, and Max Humitz.

So those are you Lincoln Stars!  I will be posting our own "Meet the Stars" article here in the next week or so, along with information about the real "Meet the Stars" event, sponsored by the BlueLine Booster Club.  Also, I will be posting a "Guess the Captains' article soon.

Thoughts on the roster?  

Go Stars.


Anonymous said...

I think losing Chambers is a big miss here by the Stars...based on the rationale in the article that it is because of a lack of experience seems like that was just a cop-out explanation. There are plenty of players in high levels of organized sports across the country that don't have much initial experience but end up being highly successful. "Experience" for everybody started at zero at some point.

Yeti said...


Point taken.

By the way, the "rationale in the article" was just my opinion as a fan who runs an unofficial blog. Nothing more.