Monday, September 23, 2013

Lincoln Stars on Twitter

Back when I started this blog in February of 2009, I signed up on Twitter so that I could reach out to more hockey fans with the articles BT and I were writing.  At the time, I wasn't really sure what Twitter was all about, but four and a half years later I can say I'm a HUGE believer in it.  

I think it's a valuable social media tool, and I'll admit without any hesitation that I'm now a Twitter addict.  I usually have it always running either on my phone or my PC.  It's a great way to keep informed about what's going on in the hockey world, not just the USHL.  It's also fun to follow your favorite athletes, teams, comedians, actors/actresses, musicians, etc.  Just about anyone you can think of in the public eye has a Twitter account these days.

Anyway, I've posted a list of Twitter accounts below for all of the current players on the Stars who have an account.  Some of the players below tweet more often than others, but it's an interesting glimpse inside their daily lives.  I'm sure all of the players listed below would appreciate some new Twitter followers, so follow them if you have an account.  If you don't have a Twitter account, what are you waiting for?

Current Players:
Zach Frye:!/Fryzie21
Max Humitz:!/Maxhumitz21
Ryan Ivey:
Daniel Kucerovy:
Christian Lampasso:
Nick Monfils:
David Parrottino:
Zack Pittman:
Dominick Sacco:
Nick Schmit:
Luke Shiplo:
John Simonson:
Brandon Smith:
Jason Stephanik:
Wilson Vershay:
Keegan Ward:
Daniel Willett:

Although he's not a player, it's a must to follow Mike Melbye, the voice of the Lincoln Stars.  Mike is kinda new to Twitter, but he's taken to it really well.  He will frequently post very interesting Stars statistics and trivia, which is cool for a stats geek like myself.

The last couple of years when I've posted this article, I also included the Twitter accounts for all of the former Stars who have one, but that list is so big now it would be silly for me to post it here in an article.  I'm tempted to have a separate page on this blog which lists all of the Twitter accounts for every current, or past Lincoln Stars player.  That's a project for later, I suppose.

Go Stars.


Mike Melbye said...

Thanks for the mention Tim. I am new to the Twitterverse, and still trying to figure out how it all works but am getting there. I hope that Stars Nation enjoys some of the behind the scenes pics and bits of what goes on during road trips or in the locker room that I will be posting. My thoughts will be pretty much unfiltered as well(most who know me know, I don't have much of a filter anyway).

There will probably be some road trip trivia and anything else I think might be fun for our fans.

Thanks for the hard work you put into the blog, and the support you have given the organization over the years. It is greatly appreciated.

I'm looking forward to a great season, and I'll see you and everyone else on Wednesday for Meet the Stars!

Jason said...

Thanks for the list. Any other non-player links you think are worth following as well?

Yeti said...

Thanks for the comment, Mike. I'm hoping you get addicted to Twitter like I have. I wasn't a believer before, but man am I hooked now. Such a great tool to reach out to other fans.

I appreciate the kind words!

Yeti said...


There are a few other USHL-related accounts that I will add below. First and foremost is the USHL's "Hockey Ops" account that is run by Adam Micheletti (Director of Hockey Operations). It's a brand new account created to keep the fans informed of roster moves, etc.

Jimmy McGroarty is on Twitter, but I don't think he uses it much. Very little activity.

Of course you have the main USHL twitter account.

One of my favorite bloggers out there is Chris Dilks. He mainly tweets about college hockey, but he does have some good insight on the USHL as well.

Sorry that the web addresses aren't showing up as clickable. You'll have to copy-paste.