Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Yeti's All-B³ Tryout Camp Team - Goal Stats From Camp

One last article about the 2013 Lincoln Stars tryout camp....I promise.  I'm sure some of you are already sick of all the camp updates and are ready to drop the puck already.  I'm right there with you.  September can't come soon enough.

I thought I'd highlight some of the non-returning players who impressed me the most at camp and continue an annual B³ tryout camp team.  Nothing against our returning veteran players, because ALL of them looked great at camp.  The vets are definitely the top of the food chain, so to speak.  I just thought it might be nice to highlight some of the lesser known players at tryout camp who impressed me the most.  Here they are!

All-B³ Team
Forward: Luke Voltin
Forward: Hunter Anderson
Forward: Ludvig Hoff
Defense: Luke Shiplo
Defense: Scott Dornbrock
Goalie: Nick Schmit

Honorable mention: August Von Ungern-Sternberg (F), Dominick Sacco (F), John Simonson, (F), Magnus Hoff (F), Ken Citron (D), Jared Kolquist (D).

There's a good chance you'll see most of the players mentioned above in a Lincoln Stars uniform at some point next season.

Also, here's a list of the top goal-scorers from camp.  A total of 54 different players scored at least one goal at camp, which is an amazingly high number considering there were 115 total players who participated.  I'm only going to post the players who scored two or more goals.  Thanks to BellTolls for putting this list together.

Goal Leaders:
Garrett Brossart - 4
Ludvig Hoff - 4
Nicholas Monfils - 4
Blake Brazil - 3
Connor Chambers - 3
Magnus Hoff - 3
Casey Linkenheld - 3
Michael McNicholas - 3
Dominick Sacco - 3
John Simonson - 3
Brandon Smith - 3
August Von Ungern-Sternberg - 3
Hunter Anderson - 2
Brenden Dunning - 2
Miguel Fidler - 2
Max Freeman - 2
Zach Grzelewski - 2
Gordie Helmuth - 2
Max Humitz - 2
Todd Koritzinsky - 2
Daniel Kucerovy - 2
Dominic Lutz - 2
Miles Manson - 2
David Parrottino - 2
William Scherer - 2
Luke Voltin - 2

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