Friday, June 7, 2013

2013 Lincoln Stars Tryout Camp: Day Two (Morning)

I thought I'd take advantage of the long lunch break today to post my thoughts of the three games held this morning at Ridder Arena.  It's very early, but the majority of the games have been a bit sloppy and without a whole lot of flow.  It's expected since it's still early, but I hope to see better play as the games progress.

There are a few teams here that are loaded with prior draft picks of the Stars, and then there are other teams that have few or no draft picks on them.  I'm not sure if that was planned by the coaches or not.

This is no surprise, but you can really spot the kids here who have prior USHL, or even NAHL experience.  They stand out in a good way.  Although the Stars don't return a lot of players from last season, there is a plethora of players here with either USHL or NAHL experience, which is a good thing.  Speaking of that, all of the Stars returners from last season look great thus far.

Also, the four overager (OA) spots (players born in '93) up for grabs will make for an interesting race.  For sure, Stars goaltender Michael Bitzer has one of those OA spots locked up.  Who will be there other three?  I wouldn't want to make that decision, so I don't envy the coaches.  There are a number of very good OA's here at camp.  It's going to bed a dogfight for sure for those remaining three OA spots.

Game #4:  Team Columbia (0-1) vs. Team Yellow (1-0)
In another low scoring affair, Team Columbia proved victorious with a 1-0 shutout win over Team Yellow.  The only goal scored in this game came from Columbia forward Zach Zech, who was at Lincoln's tryout camp last year as well.  Columbia and Yellow both have 1-1 records after this game.

Columbia goaltender Brandon Wildung started the first half of the game and gave up no goals.  Columbia netminder Joshua Stone started the second half and also pitched a shutout.  Yellow goaltender Jacob Dittmer started the first half of the scrimmage and gave up no goals.  Yellow netminder Nick Schmit started the second half and gave up one goal.  Yellow defenseman Nate Repensky dropped the mitts with Columbia defenseman Carter Reid.  I called it a draw.

Players from Team Columbia who impressed me were goaltenders Brandon Wildung/Joshua Stone, Kyle Fargesen, Daniel Willett, David Powlowski, Nicholas Rutigliano, and Patrick Condon.  Players from Team Yellow who stood out in my opinion were Derek Olmschenk, Hunter Anderson, Jake Larson, and goaltenders Nick Schmit and Jacob Dittmer.  My MVP of Team Columbia goes to Stars defenseman Daniel Willett.  What he lacks in size, Daniel makes up with hockey sense.  He always has his head up, and makes crisp, pinpoint passes commonplace.  My MVP of Yellow goes to forward Hunter Anderson.  Hunter is a big kid at 6'4", 212 pounds, but he has good hands around the net.  He has a mean streak also, which is fun to watch.  I really like this kid and hope he continues to play well.

Game #5:  Team Black (0-1) vs. Team Royal (0-1)
Team Black used a dominating second half to beat Team Royal by a score of 8-1.  This was a 2-1 Black lead at "halftime," but Black outscored Royal 6-0 in the second half.  Scoring for Black was Zach Grzelewski (2 goals), Michael McNicholas (2 goals), Dominick Sacco, Ludvig Hoff, Brandon Smith, and Luke Shiplo.  The lone Royal goal was scored by Miles Manson.  Black improved to 1-1 after this game, while Royal fell to 0-2.

Black goaltender Dylan Park started the first half of the game and gave up one goal.  Yellow netminder Nick Schmit started the second half for Team Black and pitched a shutout.  Royal goaltender Joey Staely started the first half of the scrimmage and gave up two goals.  Royal netminder Ashton Good started the second half and gave up six goals.  I felt sorry for Good because he wasn't getting a lot of help out there from his teammates.  There was one fight which saw Black's Keegan Ward earn a decision over Royal's Jeremy Biscoe.

Players from Team Black that impressed me were Zach Grzelewski, Michael McNicholas, Brandon Smith, John Simonson, Jared Bethune, Luke Shiplo, Keegan Ward, Ken Citron, and Luke Voltin.  Players from Team Royal that stood out in my opinion were Kevin Fitzgerald, William Scherer, Ivan Good, Matt Beranek, and Chris Cobham.  My MVP of Team Black was hard to pick since so many of them looked good in this game.  I went with Michael McNicholas who scored two goals, had one assist, and was causing havoc in the Royal defensive zone.  My MVP of Team Royal goes to defenseman William Scherer, who reminds me a lot of former Stars defenseman Cory Hibbeler.  Scherer isn't particularly big, but he's solid in his own zone and has good hands with the puck.  He also had a very good first pass out of the defensive zone.

Game #6:  Team White (1-0) vs. Team Red (1-0)
In the battle of undefeated squads, Team Red beat Team White in a shootout by a score of 2-1.  The lone goal from Team Red in regulation came from Dominic Lutz.  The lone White goal in regulation was scored by Craig Skudalski (nice assist from Kenny Hausinger).  The only shootout goals scored came from Team Red with forward Jonathan Desbiens, and defenseman Blake Waldersen finding twine.  Red remained undefeated at 2-0, while White dropped to 1-1.

Red goaltender Michael Tilford started the first half of the game and did not give up any goals.  Red netminder Jacob Nehama started the second half and also gave up one goal.  Nehama saved two White players in the shootout.  White goaltender Sean Healy started the first half of the scrimmage and did not give up any goals.  Royal netminder Joey Staely started the second half for Team White and gave up one goal.  Staely gave up two goals against two Red players in the shootout.  There were no fights in this game.

Players from Team Red who stood out to me were Michael Tilford, Gordie Helmuth, David Parrottino, Jacob Nehama, and Max Freeman.  Players from Team White who stood out to me were Steven Mather, Zach Aston-Reese, Beau Browning, Kenny Hausinger, and Blake Brazil.  My MVP of Team Red goes to David Parrottino.  David seemed like he had the puck around the White net all game long.  He has quick feet, and is a good faceoff specialist.  My MVP of Team White goes to Zach Aston-Reese who is the prototypical power forward.  Honestly, ZAR should be playing college hockey this fall..  He's a man among boys out there on the ice.  When he has the puck along the boards, it's impossible to knock him off the puck.

The afternoon session begins at 3:00pm and will run until 6:45pm tonight.  I will post another blog article highlighting the afternoon session later tonight.  Thanks for reading.  -Yeti (Tim)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the report Yeti, so do you think that Hunter Anderson will be our enforcer?

Yeti said...

I'm not a big fan of a team having a designated "enforcer," but Anderson certainly plays with an edge that I like. He's one of my favorite free agents so far. He can add a good amount of offense, also. Big fan.