Sunday, February 17, 2013

B³ Postgame Recap: Lincoln 1, Sioux Falls 6

The Sioux Falls Stampede outscored the Lincoln Stars 5-0 through the first two periods and eventually rolled to a 6-1 blowout win Saturday night at Sioux Falls Arena.

Click here to view the Pointstreak boxscore.

With the loss, the Stars fell to 26-16-3 (55 points) and remain in fifth place in the USHL Western Conference.  If there is any good news, the two teams (Omaha, Waterloo) directly ahead of Lincoln in the standings also lost last night.  Click here to view the current USHL standings.

I did not follow this game at all, so this recap will be very brief.  If you listened to the radio broadcast, or watched on FASTHockey, or were there in person, please leave a comment below with your thoughts.  I apparently picked a good night to go out with the wife and ignore the game.  I got home late last night and was surprised to see the final score.

Looking around on Twitter and on Facebook, it appears that some fans were a little upset at referee Kenny Anderson.  From what I've read, it sounds like Stars radio announcer Mike Melbye was pretty fired up at the calls being whistled against Lincoln last night.  I can't comment on that since I didn't watch the game.

Having said that, it's hard to imagine that the refs were entirely responsible for the 6-1 loss.  At some point, you've got to take responsibility for losing a game that bad, despite the questionable calls.  I've always been of the opinion that good teams will overcome bad calls.  But I know Anderson has called some brutal games in the past, also.

Click here to read a recap from the Sioux Falls Stampede website.

Michael Bitzer started the game but was pulled after the second period for Jackson Teichroeb.  Bitzer got the loss with 22 saves on 27 Stampede shots.  Teichroeb stopped 6 of 6 shots in the third period.  Brad Hawkinson scored Lincoln's only goal on the night.

Jake Wood and Mike McKee were both ejected from this game, so I'm sure the league will be looking at those plays and doling out suspensions.

One call in particular is very strange when looking at the boxscore.  Thomas Forgione of Sioux Falls was called for a dive at the 15:26 mark of the second period.  Apparently, he was awarded a penalty shot on the same play.  Huh?  I'm not sure I've ever seen or heard of that in a hockey game before.  If Forgione was whistled for a diving minor, how in the hell did he get a penalty shot out of it?  Yes, he scored on the penalty shot.

I've seen where a referee will whistle a diving penalty on one team, and a hooking or tripping penalty on the other team to offset the penalties.  Put them both in the box with coincidental minors and continue play.  But if Forgione was whistled for a dive, how does Anderson award him a penalty shot?  Logically, it makes absolutely no sense to me.  If he dove, he dove.  End of story.

I noticed that Paul LaDue, Dominik Shine, and Jimmy DeVito were scratched last night.  Were they injured?  Since I didn't listen or watch the game, I'm in the dark here.  Speaking of scratches, does anyone know why forward Max Humitz never plays?  I feel sorry for the kid.  He is scratched even in games that the Stars play shorthanded.  Why is he even here if he never gets an opportunity to play in a game?  I've been impressed with him the little bit that I've seen of him this season.  Get the kid in the kid in the lineup and coach him!

Anyway, I'll wrap this article up here.  Looking back, getting four of six points is a positive.  But I'm sure the Stars were hoping to play better against the Stampede.  Please leave a comment below if you followed the game last night.

Go Stars.


Anonymous said...

Saw Ladue leave the Des Moine game holding his shoulder-hope it's not serious. Not sure about Devito. And amen to letting the scratched kids play. Not sure but seems like our coaching staff is either getting lazy or has already checked out

Anonymous said...

I can confirm the strange call on Forgione. The only thing I can think of is that he took his sweet time getting up after being taken down and was then just fine.

The Wood penalty was justified as it was almost directly from behind. Not necessarily blatant but he made zero effort to slow up or change where he was going to hit the SF player.

The McKee ejection came from him taking a rather obvious elbowing penalty between the benches. It then appeared that he shoved an SF player that was coming over. While the linesmen where trying to escort him to the box, he started trying to get towards the SF bench and then Anderson motioned that he was gone.

Overall, I thought the game was officiated decently. Not great but not bad either.

Anonymous said...

Small ice game requires all three forwards to play man to man while the D provides the puck support. All one needs to do is study how SF plays and duplicate it. Odd man breaks on ice like that are unforgivable. Anderson was horrible. I have never seen a penalty shot awarded on a called dive and he was never in free and clear anyway. It's also time that one player in particular starts being held accountable for his penalties.

Anonymous said...

LaDue was injured in the Des Monies game on Friday night.
He was injuried on a play in the first period. According to Melby and Coach Johnson, he was dinged up. Whatever that means. Not sure what's happening with Shine and Devito. Sounded like something happened in the Tri City game on Thursday with Shine.
As for Humitz, didn't he go back to his high school to finish his season with them?

Jason said...

Anon, I believe you're thinking Max Coatta.

Before the weekend 4 points was expected. And, the boys are still just one point out with 2 games in hand. It's just the way the weekend ended that stunk. And those games seem to get out of control quick.

Fact: one player has been suspended 1/3 of the games this season. Just sayin'. There's time to straighten up - but Lincoln is running out of time.

Yeti said...

Jason is correct. Max Coatta went back to Minnetonka High School (MN) to finish out his season there. I don't believe the Stars have plans to bring him back at the end of this season. I'm pretty sure the roster freeze deadline has passed.

Coatta will most likely be back in Lincoln full-time next season.

Humitz is still in town, going to high school, and practicing with the team. Just not playing.

Anonymous said...

Go Stars.