Wednesday, February 6, 2013

B³ All Things "Battles on Ice" Outdoor Game

We're about 3 days away from the "Battles on Ice" outdoor game which will be held this Saturday, so I thought I'd put together an article which hopefully lists everything you've ever wanted to know about the upcoming event.  If there's anything you think I should add to this article, feel free to email me at

First off, let's get to the particulars:

When:  Saturday, February 9, 2013
Stars vs. Lancers will begin at 12:35PM CST.  UND vs. UNO will begin about 45 minutes to an hour after the conclusion of the USHL game.

Where:  TD Ameritrade Park located at 1200 Mike Fahey Street
Omaha, NE 68102

Yes, tickets are still available!  Click here to go to the Ticketmaster website to purchase tickets.  Last thing I heard, over 11,000 tickets have been sold and organizers hope that number will be around 15,000 the day of the event.  TD Ameritrade Park can hold a total of 24,000 fans.  Click here to view a seating chart.

From what I've been told, you will be allowed to leave TD Ameritrade Park, and re-enter only once.  So plan accordingly if you do leave the event and want to return.

I've been told by officials with the USHL that this game will be broadcast on  That's good news for fans and player parents/family/friends who can't make it to the game.  If you live in Omaha, Cox Cable will also broadcast the game live.

I'm going to copy and paste a paragraph below I got from a USHL message board from an Omaha fan.  Lots of good info:

For anyone going, on Saturday there's also a home show at the convention center and a 9:00pm Creighton basketball game at the CenturyLink Center (next door to TD Ameritrade Park). So it'll be busy around the stadium, but the area handles large crowds very well. The crowds will probably be more noticeable in the Old Market.  Gates open at 11:30.  Stadium lots open at 9:00am.  Parking is $8.  There are other parking lots in the area, but I think they all charge. Meters are free on weekends if you can find one.  Tailgating is allowed in lots B and D, charcoal grills only though. They look the other way on alcohol as long as you're not causing problems.  Alcohol will be served in the stadium for both games, and there are several restaurants/bars in the area.

So again, the parking lots will open at 9:00am Saturday morning, and TD Ameritrade Park will open its doors at 11:30am, one hour before the Stars and Lancers begin playing.  You can tailgate, but only in Lots B and D.  No propane grills, only charcoal.  Click here to see a map of the parking available around the stadium.

Omaha Metro Transit will be offering a bus route around the Old Market area from 10:30am-9:00pm on Saturday for those who many want to park further away on the cheap and then use the bus.  Click here to read more about that and to see the bus route.

What about bringing items such as cameras and backpacks inside the stadium?  Good information to remember in italics below from the TD Ameritrade Park website:

No glass bottles, cans, hard plastic containers or other potential projectiles are allowed at any time, this includes sales within the venue. CAMERAS WITH CHANGEABLE LENSES ARE NOT ALLOWED. No video cameras, audio recording equipment, laser pointers, flash lights, etc. shall be allowed at any time. No weapons or fireworks of any description are to be allowed at any time. All large bags, backpack, large jackets will be searched upon entering the stadium. All flags and banners must have been detached from sticks/poles, etc before entering the building if allowed. No inflatable, i.e. beach balls, hammers and seats etc. to be allowed inside the stadium at anytime (before, during or after the show).

It's still a little early to predict the weather with 100% certainty, but based on a number of websites I visited, expect the temperature to be in the mid 40's.  Right now, most weather websites are predicting that it will be partly cloudy, with a chance of rain.  I've seen anywhere from a 10% chance of precipitation, to a 40% chance.  If precipitation does occur, it will likely be in the form of rain....which is not good.  One weather event could really cause havoc with this event, and that is rain.  Lots of rain.

This is Nebraska, so the weather forecast could change dramatically in a short period of time.  You just never know what to expect.  But as of right now, the temps look good (not freezing cold), but the chance of rain is a little concerning. However, according to this article, organizers aren't very worried about a little rain.  But a downpour is something different.  Just in case, it might be a good idea to come prepared (e.g., bring a poncho) in case it does rain.  2/7 Update:  Looks like the weather for Saturday is improving.  The high temperature should be around 50 degrees, and the chance of rain seems to be diminishing.  Good news!

Now for some reading material:

Click here to read a recent article posted on the website about the first ever outdoor USHL game.

Click here to read an article from the USHLcom website: USHL Players Ready to Make New Outdoor Memories

Click here to read a recent article from the Omaha World Herald website about the different variables that come into play when trying to schedule an outdoor hockey game.

Click here to read an article from the WOWT website that has links to a couple of videos you'll want to check out.

Click here to read a really informative article posted on the Omaha World Herald website a few days ago.  I'm going to embed a short video below taken from the same website.

Click here to view a photo of the jersey the Stars will be wearing this Saturday.  Photo is courtesy of the Lincoln Journal Star.  These jerseys have been for sale at FaceOff Sports inside the IceBox, so I'm sure a lot of Stars fans in attendance this Saturday will be wearing them.

As far as tailgating goes, I don't believe the Stars organization has anything planned outside of the stadium in terms of an official tailgate.  It would be nice if all the Stars fans could get together before the game, but that might be hard to accommodate   If your group plans on tailgating before/after the game, and you don't mind sharing your location, let me know and I can post it here.

Again, I will add to this article as I get more information, so keep checking back throughout the week!  If there's anything you'd like for me to add to this article, or if any information stated above is incorrect, please let me know.

It's funny that my first visit to TD Ameritrade Park, a stadium built for baseball, will be for an ice hockey game.  I'm sure many others fall into this same category. :)

Go Stars!


lincolnfan said...

it's hard to believe this is here already, doesn't seem like it was that long ago when it was first announced but it was about this time last year. hoping the weather cooperates... 40s sound pretty good, but the rain could make it miserable. i'm going to stay for the entire Stars game, but if it's cold i may cut out early and not stay for the college game.

i saw some pictures and the placement of the ice looked kind of odd to me. i guess it was hard to tell, but it looked to me like the ice was put practically in the middle of the baseball diamond, which was different than what was depicted on some of the earlier diagrams. i'll be interested to see how good of a view i have from my seats.

i'm really looking forward to this... regardless of what happens, it will be a monumental game.

Zena37 said...

Fantastic info! Thanks for putting this together :)

Crazy Carl said...

I know we're planning on trying to get there early to tailgate. I think the menu is bacon/cheddar brats and baked beans. I'll comment tomorrow with where we end up, any stars fans are welcome to swing by and eat.