Monday, January 14, 2013

Stars acquire Riley Bourbonnais from Sioux City

According to the Lincoln Stars' Twitter account, the team has acquired forward Riley Bourbonnais from the Sioux City Musketeers.  Bourbonnais ('93) is 5'10", 190 pounds and is from Rochester, NY.

In 86 USHL games (split between Cedar Rapids and Sioux City), Bourbonnais has scored 70 points (33g, 37a).  Bourbonnais has committed to Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) for 2013, so he will be with Lincoln for the rest of this season only.  Current Stars Jimmy DeVito and Jake Wood will also attend RPI in 2013.

In return for Bourbonnais, the Stars traded a first round entry draft pick, a second round entry draft pick, and affiliate defenseman Stuart Pomeroy ('95).  The two entry draft picks are for the upcoming 2013 USHL Entry Draft, which is held in the spring.  Pomeroy was drafted by the Stars in the 2011 USHL Futures Draft in the second round.

Bourbonnais started his USHL career with the Cedar Rapids Roughriders in 2011-12, and was traded to Sioux City in November of last year.  Since he began with the Musketeers, Bourbonnais scored 15 points (9g, 6a) in 16 games with 26 PIM's and a -6 rating.

Maybe it's just me, but this trade seems like overpayment.  No offense to Bourbonnais (because he is a skilled player), but two high draft picks AND an affiliate player for a forward who is gone after this season is a high price to pay, in my opinion.  I understand that draft picks can be busts just as much as they can be booms.  However, it wasn't too long ago that the Stars drafted a kid by the name of Kevin Roy in the first round.  But what do I know, I'm just an idiot with a blog.  The coaches obviously felt like this was a good trade to make at the time, so we'll have to wait and see how it pans out.

I find it interesting that the Stars did not trade any players back to Sioux City in this deal.  I assume that means a current player will have to be traded, dropped, or moved to the injured reserve list to make room for Bourbonnais.


Anonymous said...

It would've made more sense to trade a current player. Seems like we have a number of healthy scratches every game. I agree, it seems we gave up a lot to obtain Bourbonnais for this season only.

Chet McGrury said...

I've noticed us to be a little lacking in the puck handling area a few times this year. Against Youngstown passes were not sharp and we just didn't have good puck control. Shine and Suter were both on the scratch list. Maybe the coaches have noticed some weakness and want to shore up the line. I think Bourbannais will add some muscle. I agree it is at a high cost for half a year. I'm just a puckhead in the stands. I'll back em no matter what.

Anonymous said...

On the surface it does look like we gave up a lot for Riley but look at it this way: The kid is producing close to a point per game for a bad SC team. Put him on a line with Eric or Luke and see what he can do. Most of our best kids come from the futures draft and tenders so hoping the picks don't hurt us. Plus if he can create chances on the power play he'll be worth every pick.

Yeti said...

The Stars moved forward David Parrottino to their affiliate roster today. I assume that opens up the spot on the roster for Bourbonnais.

Best of luck to David wherever he lands in the NAHL. Hopefully he gets the playing time he deserves.