Saturday, October 6, 2012

Snapshots of the Game: Des Moines vs. Lincoln 10/5

Big thanks go out to Carl Kacvinsky, Starstruck and Jeff White for being generous and allowing me to share their great photos from the game last night.  Make sure you check out Carl's "CK Photo" Facebook page, Starstruck's "Shooting Star Photo" Facebook page, and Jeff White's "Depicted Image" Facebook page.  If you're on Facebook, make sure you sauce them a "Like" so you can be updated throughout this season with their work.  I really appreciate their willingness to share!

Click the "Read more" link underneath the photo below to see all of the snapshots in this series.

Postgame salute to the crowd

Vinni Lettieri
"The Wrecking Ball," Jake Wood
Tommy Schutt collides with a Bucs player
Luke Johnson of the Stars gets tripped up along the boards
Eric Scheid (background) getting read to score his second goal of the game
Great shot of the puck going into the net after Scheid's shot
Zach Frye
Justin Woods
Scrum along the boards after a big hit
Will Suter
Dominik Shine behind the Des Moines net
Ross Olsson gets the puck right outside the Bucs' crease
Stars celebrate after Eric Scheid's second period goal
Luke Johnson
Zach Frye throws his hands in the air after scoring an empty-net goal late in the game
Eric Scheid first period shot finds the back of the Des Moines net
Stars forward Ross Olsson and referee Lucas Martin share a laugh
Jimmy DeVito
Stars react after Eric Scheid's second period goal
Michael Bitzer
Will Suter celebrates after scoring a clutch shorthanded goal early in the third period
Vinni Lettieri skates in alone on Bucs goaltender Billy Christopoulos
Will Suter is congratulated by teammates after scoring his second goal of the game
L-R: Michael Bitzer, Paul LaDue, and Daniel Willett are all hugs after the Stars 5-2 victory


Brandon Anderson said...

Great Images Guys!!!

Helen Scheid said...

These are great pictures of all the players. Thank you so much for sharing them. It was a great game last night for the Stars. They are going to be fun to watch all year. I appreciate this blog too.

David said...

Wow! Awesome pictures from all three photographers. Outstanding work. Made it feel like I was there.

Yeti said...

Thanks for the kind words, Helen. I appreciate it. Your grandson is playing very well to start the season.

The photographers do all of the hard work. I get to do the easy work and post it here. Glad folks out there enjoy looking at these photos.

Anonymous said...

Also, you were talking about the Frye goal in your previous post being incorrect on pointstreak, and you can see Wold in the penalty box when that goal is scored per one of these photos. It was definitly short-handed.

Yeti said...

Good point, Anon. The Poinstreak boxscore shows the "too many men on the ice" bench minor, which is what Wold is serving.

I just check the Pointstreak boxscore again, and it still says it wasn't a shorthanded goal, which is incorrect.