Saturday, September 29, 2012

Snapshots of the Game: Sioux Falls vs. Lincoln 9/28

Big thanks go out to Starstruck and Jeff White for being kind and allowing me to share their great photos from the game last night.  Make sure you check out Starstruck's "Shooting Star Photo" Facebook page, and Jeff White's "Depicted Image" Facebook page.  If you're on Facebook, make sure you sauce them a "Like" so you can be updated throughout this season with their work.

Click the "Read more" link underneath the photo below to see all of the snapshots in this series.

Postgame salute to the fans

The captains:  Shine, McKee, Suter, and LaDue.  Jackson Teichroeb is far left.
Pregame huddle
Daniel Willett
Will Suter and an unidentified Stars player team up to check a Sioux Falls player into the boards
Tommy Schutt
Mike McKee
Dominik Shine's first period shorthanded shot goes over Charlie Lindgren's left shoulder and into the net
Dominik Shine is congratulated by teammates after scoring Lincoln's first goal of the game
Dominik Shine scores his second goal, this time in second period
Shine is congratulated once again by his teammates after his second period goal
Jimmy DeVito of the Stars scraps with Stampede defenseman Zach Habscheid
Jake Wood goes down to one knee to celebrate his second period goal
The Stars are  all smiles after Jake Wood's goal
Jackson Teichroeb hands the puck to one of the linesmen
Eric Scheid's third period shot find the back of the net.  I love the faces of the fans behind the glass.
Scheid is mobbed by his teammates after his goal
Brad Hawkinson shooting into the open net late in the third.  Nice shot of some stick flex!
Nice close-up shot of Jackson Teichroeb
Dominik Shine and teammates after his second period goal
Vinny Muto
Vinni Lettieri
One of the linesmen barks out orders during a post-whistle scrum
Eric Scheid
Jimmy DeVito trades punches with Zach Habscheid of the Stampede
Mike McKee
Jackson Teichroeb chats with referee Steve Reneau 
Justin Woods
Jackson Teichroeb spits out some water during a break in the action


Anonymous said...

Great photos, Starstruck and Jeff. Thanks for sharing. Nice for those of us who live outside of Nebraska and can't go to all of the games.

Anonymous said...

Hell, for those of us who were at the game I appreciate it!!!