Monday, September 24, 2012

Nebraska, USHL Hockey Rivals Create "Good Life Cup"

Well, this was definitely something that caught my eye this morning.

Per the USHL's Twitter account, starting this upcoming season, the three USHL teams in the state of Nebraska will come for a regular season trophy, called the "Good Life Cup."

Click here to read an article posted today on the USHL website.  I'm going to post an excerpt from the article below:

The Omaha Lancers, in conjunction with the Lincoln Stars, Tri-City Storm and the United States Hockey League (USHL), are pleased to announce the creation of the Good Life Cup, a traveling trophy awarded to the franchise with the highest winning percentage in games between the three Nebraska teams.

The Good Life Cup winner will be the team with the highest winning percentage in games played against in-state competition.  The USHL’s Western Conference standings are not a factor in deciding the winner, as separate standings will track head-to-head games between Omaha, Lincoln and Tri-City.

A traveling trophy - designed with input from all three teams -will be awarded to Nebraska’s top USHL team and stay with that organization until the end of the following season.  The inaugural Good Life Cup will be displayed at each team’s rink at different times throughout the upcoming 2012-2013 season.

What do you think?  Personally, I think it's pretty cool.  Why not create a trophy for bragging rights?  Nice way to ramp up the rivalries even more between the Stars and the Storm and Lancers.  It will be interesting to see what this "Good Life Cup" is going to look like.  Just my opinion, but I really hope they don't incorporate corn anywhere in the trophy.  Yes, we all know we have lots of corn in Nebraska.  No reason to put it on a trophy.  /soapbox


Anonymous said...

There are so many different ways in the English language to say that something is stupid, and I cannot decided on which one to use.

Yeti said...

Thanks for the comment, Anon. Just curious why you think this "Good Life Cup" is stupid? I'd love to hear your opinion!

Anonymous said...

Doing it now sounds like a PR stunt built out of desperation. I don't see the Stars or Lancers being desperate, so do the math. If Lincoln and Omaha had done something like this when the Stars first came in to the league so that there was some tradition to it, I could see it being really cool. Or even if it would have been done when Tri-City came into the league. JMO - Doesn't mean I want the thing to ever leave Lincoln.
Agreed on no corn being involved in the trophy.

Yeti said...

Thanks for the comment. Tri-City has always been kind of left out. They're way out west and I think the tendency is for people to forget about them.

Omaha and Lincoln are pretty fierce rivals....then there's TC. They've always been the little brother that's been ignored. Good way to get them involved, I think. PR move? Could be. Either way, I don't see why this is a bad idea.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Lincoln and Omaha DID do something like this when the Stars first came into the league. There was a travelling trophy presented to the team with the better head-to-head winning percentage for the first 3-4 years the Stars were in the league. I think they called it the Nebraska Cup. I wonder whatever happened to it. Maybe it got lost in Counciltucky?

extowerclimber said...

I think it's good idea and over due. I agree it doen't need any corn or it or a big N either as we all see enough of those.

Where ever the design is, I'm sure the Stars and Storm fans will like looking at it in Omaha next year when they come to play!

Yeti said...

Hahaha....well played, extowerclimber. We'll have to wait and see. Last season, Stars played well against the Storm, but couldn't beat the Lancers. Omaha had problems with the Storm. Not sure who would have won it last year.

BellTolls said...

To answer your last statement Yeti:

Omaha was 10-6
Lincoln and Tri-City were both 7-9.

So Omaha would have won the cup. Considering Tri-City was 27 points behind Lincoln and 26 behind Omaha, kind of funny that they tied Lincoln.

In 2010-11, Lincoln would have won with a 13-3 record. Omaha was 9-7. Tri-City was 2-14.

Yeti said...

Good to know, BT. Thanks for doing the research. I knew TC played Omaha tougher last season than we did, but apparently not well enough.