Thursday, September 6, 2012

Michael Bitzer's Mask

Much thanks to the person close to Stars goaltender Michael Bitzer for contacting me with this picture.  For those fans who might not know a lot about Lincoln's new goaltender, Bitzer had a record of 22-8-0 (including 7 shutouts) for his hometown Moorhead (MN) Spuds high school team last season before being the Stars' first selection in the 2012 USHL Entry Draft.  After completing his senior season at Moorhead, Bitzer went 3-0-1 in four games with the Alexandria Blizzard of the NAHL.  Michael will team up with returning Stars goaltender Jackson Teichroeb for the 2012-13 season here in Lincoln.

You should be able to click on the picture below to make it a little bigger so you can see some of the smaller detail, including a great rendering of the Lincoln skyline on Bitzer's left cheek (right side of the helmet).  There is a Stars logo on the forehead, and Michael's nickname "Bitz" on the chin area.  Very cool!  Again, thanks to the person who contacted me today with this picture.   I knew that a lot of Stars fans out there would appreciate seeing this a little early!


nutz4puckz said...

Thanks for posting that!! Has me that much more excited to get the season started!!

Anonymous said...

Would like to mention that he won the Frank Brimsek award, The Herb Brooks Award, and made the All State Tournament team. Just saying'

Come on Lincoln . . . Let's get it started . . . Can't wait to come to Lincoln.

Tim said...

Chance you go and give it to 'em! Who is the the majority of the pressure on....Goaltenders! And you make it look so easy with your dominate glove saves and your insane reflexes! Good luck Chance and bring Lincoln a special treat for this upcoming season!

Tim (Your favorite Uncle)

Brandon Anderson said...

Talked to Michael earlier this year about if he was going to do a mask or not and if I remember right he said that his dad did all of his masks. I must say his dad does some darn good work.