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B³ "Meet the Stars" 2012-13 Edition

We've done this here at the B³ for the past couple of seasons, so I thought we'd do it again for the fans out there who might not know a lot about this team and want to learn a little more.  Some folks out there were not able to make it to the "Meet the Stars" even last night, so I thought they might appreciate this.  It's also nice to put a face to the names and numbers the fans see on the backs of jerseys.

This is a little off topic, but I thought I'd bring it up here.  One thing fans will notice about the players on this team is that the majority of them will be wearing clear, 3/4 visors instead of the wire cage (birdcage).  A new rule in the USHL this season allows players under the age of 18 to wear the 3/4 clear visor, instead of being required to wear the full birdcage, or a full clear "fishbowl."  I believe the only players not wearing a 3/4 clear visor (other than the goaltenders, obviously) are forwards Eric Scheid and Max Coatta.  Before this season, every USHL player under the age of 18 were required to wear a full face shield or cage.

The result is that fans in the stands will be able to see the faces of the Stars much easier when they are on the ice.  I know our local photographers are pretty happy about this.  Much easier to see facial expressions, emotions, trash-talking, etc. with the visors as opposed to the full birdcage.  Anyway, just thought I'd point that out.

This is a super long article with a lot of pictures, so click the "Read more" link below to read the entire article.  Thanks to the Lincoln Stars website for the player pictures.

Here we go!


#33 Michael Bitzer
5'11", 200 pounds
DOB: 10/23/93
Hometown:  Moorhead, MN
Previous team: Moorhead (MN) High School
2011-12 stats:  22-8-0 record, 1.80 GAA, .933 S%

#35 Jackson Teichroeb
6'1", 190 pounds
DOB:  10/5/92
Hometown:  London, Ontario, Canada
Previous team:  Lincoln Stars (USHL)
2011-12 stats:  18-14-1 record, 2.67 GAA, .896 S%


#3 Charlie Donlin
6'3", 210 pounds
DOB:  6/27/93
Hometown:  Anchorage, AK
Previous team:  Colorado Rampage U18
2011-12 stats:  13 points (3g, 10a), 26 PIM's in 27 games

#4 Daniel Willett
5'6", 150 pounds
DOB:  2/23/96
Hometown:  Bayville, NY
Previous team:  New Jersey Rockets (AtJHL)
2011-12 stats:  61 points (23g, 38a), 68 PIM's in 67 games
College Commitment:  Northeastern University

#5 Vinny Muto
6'2", 205 pounds
DOB:  3/13/93
Hometown:  Niagara Falls, NY 
Previous team:  Cowichan Valley Capitals (BCHL)
2011-12 stats:  19 points (6g, 13a), 52 PIM's in 57 games

#6 Paul Ladue (A)
6'2", 185 pounds
DOB:  9/6/92
Hometown:  Grand Forks, ND
Previous team:  Lincoln Stars (USHL)
2011-12 stats:  34 points (9g, 25a), 27 PIM's in 56 games
College Commitment:  University of North Dakota

#7 Zack Pittman
6'2", 205 pounds
DOB:  7/17/95
Hometown:  Macomb, MI
Previous team:  Honeybaked U16
2011-12 stats:  20 points (6g, 14a), 49 PIM's in 28 games

#21 Zach Frye
6'1", 195 pounds
DOB:  3/25/94
Hometown:  Spokane, WA
Previous team:  Lincoln Stars (USHL)
2011-12 stats:  4 points (1g, 3a), 64 PIM's in 35 games

#23 Mike McKee (C)
6'4", 230 pounds
DOB:  8/17/93
Hometown:  Newmarket, Ontario, Canada
Previous team: Lincoln Stars (USHL)
2011-12 stats:  19 points (2g, 17a), 237 PIM's in 59 games
College Commitment:  Western Michigan University

#25 Justin Woods
6'2", 210 pounds
DOB:  2/12/94
Hometown:  Fairbanks, AK
Previous team:  Fairbanks Ice Dogs (NAHL)
2011-12 stats:  14 points (4g, 10a), 69 PIM's in 54 games
College Commitment:  University of Alaska-Fairbanks


#8 Tommy Schutt
6'0", 185 pounds
DOB:  4/28/93
Hometown:  Chanhassen, MN
Previous team:  Lincoln Stars (USHL)
2011-12 stats:  20 points (7g, 13a), 58 PIM's in 47 games

#9 Vinnie Lettieri
5'9", 165 pounds
DOB:  2/6/95
Hometown:  Excelsior, MN
Previous team:  Lincoln Stars (USHL)
2011-12 stats:  8 points (4g, 4a), 14 PIM's in 15 games
College Commitment:  University of Minnesota

#10 Will Suter (A)
5'10", 180 pounds
DOB:  1/22/92
Hometown:  Omaha, NE
Previous team:  Lincoln Stars (USHL)
2011-12 stats:  23 points (8g, 15a), 29 PIM's in 50 games

#11 Zach Aston-Reese
6'0", 180 pounds
DOB:  8/10/94
Hometown:  Staten Island, NY
Previous team:  Lincoln Stars (USHL)
2011-12 stats:  15 points (5g, 10a), 69 PIM's in 53 games
College Commitment:  Northeastern University

#12 Michael Bunn
6'0", 185 pounds
DOB:  7/19/94
Hometown:  Wake Forest, NC
Previous team:  Culver Military Academy (IN)
2011-12 stats:  3 points (1g, 2a), in 6 games

#13 Ross Olsson
6'4", 200 pounds
DOB:  11/22/94
Hometown:  Billerica, MA
Previous team:  Williston Northampton School (MA)
2011-12 stats:  14 points (4g, 10a), in 24 games
College Commitment:  Northeastern University

#14 David Parrottino
5'11", 175 pounds
DOB:  2/22/94
Hometown:  Brighton, MI
Previous team:  Honeybaked U18
2011-12 stats:  21 points (8g, 13a), 22 PIM's in 26 games

#15 Brent Wold
5'10", 180 pounds
DOB:  2/10/93
Hometown:  Lac Du Bonnet, Manitoba, Canada
Previous team:  Portage Terriers (MJHL)
2011-12 stats:  71 points (26g, 45a), 64 PIM's in 60 games

#16 Dominik Shine (C)
5'11", 175 pounds
DOB:  4/18/93
Hometown:  Pinkney, MI
Previous team:  Lincoln Stars (USHL)
2011-12 stats:  32 points (11g, 21a), 60 PIM's in 32 games
College commitment:  Northern Michigan University

#17 Max Coatta
5'9", 165 pounds
DOB:  4/22/94
Hometown:  Minnetonka, MN
Previous team:  Minnetonka High School (MN)
2011-12 stats:  48 points (23g, 25a), 18 PIM's in 28 games

#18 Max Humitz
5'8", 155 pounds
DOB:  7/8/95
Hometown:  Livonia, MI
Previous team:  Honeybaked U16
2011-12 stats:  31 points (12g, 19a), 28 PIM's in 29 games

#19 Brad Hawkinson
5'11", 195 pounds
DOB:  9/4/94
Hometown:  Aurora, CO
Previous team:  Lincoln Stars  (USHL)
2011-12 stats:  8 points (1g, 7a), 29 PIM's in 46 games
College Commitment:  University of Denver

#20 Jimmy DeVito
5'11", 170 pounds
DOB:  4/02/94
Hometown:  Bloomingdale, IL
Previous team:  Chicago Steel (USHL)
2011-12 stats:  24 points (8g, 16a), 120 PIM's in 57 games
College Commitment:  Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI)

#22 Garrett Brossart
5'10", 160 pounds
DOB:  6/4/94
Hometown:  Fargo, ND
Previous team:  Chicago Fury U18
2011-12 stats:   22 points (9g, 13a), 6 PIM's in 40 games

#26 Jake Wood
5'8", 170 pounds
DOB:  8/6/93
Hometown:  Georgetown, Ontario, Canada
Previous team:  The Gunnery Prep School (CT)
2011-12 stats:  38 points (12g, 26a), in 33 games
College Commitment:  Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI)

#27 Luke Johnson
5'11", 165 pounds
DOB:  9/19/94
Hometown:  Grand Forks, ND
Previous team:  Lincoln Stars (USHL)
2011-12 stats:  55 points (20g, 35a), 52 PIM's in 55 games
College commitment:  University of North Dakota

#39 Eric Scheid
5'9", 170 pounds
DOB:  5/5/92
Hometown:  Coon Rapids, MN
Previous team:  University of Alaska-Anchorage (WCHA)
2011-12 stats:  15 points (6g, 9a), 6 PIM's in 30 games

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