Friday, August 3, 2012

You know you're a Lincoln Stars fan when....Part Two!

So it's obviously pretty slow around here.  We're about 56 days from opening night at the IceBox, and the temps here in Nebraska have steadily been in the upper 90's and 100's.  It's hard to think about hockey when we're dealing with the dog days of summer and the 2012-13 season seems like it's so far away.

To combat our hockey withdrawals, I thought I might resurrect one of our most popular articles here on the B³.  About two years ago, BT and I posted the first "You know you're a Lincoln Stars fan when...." article.  To this day, it's one of the most viewed articles we've ever posted here, out of a total of 740 articles the last 3+ years.

Click here to see that original article from September of 2010.  Once you open up that article, scroll down to view all of the comments left by our readers.  I'm going to highlight some of my favorites below.

But before I get to that, I'd like to hear from more of you!  I know we have a LOT more readers now than we did in 2010, so I hope to see some more great feedback.  What crazy, funny things define you as a Lincoln Stars fan?

My favorites from the article linked above:

"When your vacation days at work are spent on tryouts, the Fall Classic and road trips to Green Bay and Indiana." - BellTolls

"When the concession ladies know your beer of choice." - BellTolls

"Your closet is overtaken by Stars gear - jerseys, sweatshirts, hoodies, t-shirts, caps..." - Starstruck

"Your friends/family preface all invitations with 'if you don’t have a game that night' (may or may not include an accompanying eye roll)." - Starstruck

"You have hockey themed rooms in your house from all of the memorabilia you've collected over the years." - StarsHcky

"The greatest friends you've made are all people you've met during hockey." - Nighthawk

"You have a deep hatred for the Omaha Lancers and still cringe (and maybe cry a little) when you think of Game 5 between Omaha and Lincoln of the 2007-2008 season." - Nighthawk

"'Come On Ride The Train' isn't the same without a home win and seeing hockey sticks in the air." - Team Jacob (Newton)

"You walk into the Icebox and feel 'at home.'" - StarsFans7177

"You find yourself not liking summer as much as you used to because that's the off season." - StarsFans7177

"When you have license plate on 2 vehicles are dedicated to the Stars." - JStars

"Bought season tickets after attending only 2 games." - HeyHeyWhaddaSay

"Own more STARS gear than HUSKER gear (even though I'm a huge HUSKER fan)." - HeyHeyWhaddaSay

"When you get in a car accident on the way to Sioux Falls and get dropped off at the game by the tow truck." - Starshockey7

Just a few of my favorites!  Now I'd like to hear from you!  Comments are wide open.  You do not need to register to leave a comment below.


StarsFn17 said...

You here Omaha's song, "The heat is on" and always either change the music station (is possible), yell "off" instead of "on", or cringe everytime it says it.

nutz4puckz said...

When you get angry when you hear "The Heat is On" no matter where you are.

nutz4puckz said...

Make 30 trips to Lincoln from Omaha to watch the "Home" team because the colors black and orange make you queasy.

StarsFn17 said...

When you hear "The Heat is On" and yell 'off' when it says 'on' or really want to smack whoever turned it on.

When you can name and state the number of every new (and old) stars player within only a few games.

Nighthawk said...

You color coordinate everything with black and blue.

You yelled "he shoots he scores, hey goalie you suck!" at the Qdoba viewing party during playoffs and scared people on the street.

You drive to Fargo on 1 hour of sleep to watch Lincoln clinch first place in the West.

Every time you go to Omaha you make sure you're wearing black and blue or something Stars related.

Stars games take precedence over family occasions and holidays.

You make up special names for all the players and they stick.

You get the players to wear Party Rock glasses, and you know they totally enjoyed it.

You only talk to your Storm or Lancers friends nicely during the off season.

You know Dancing Guy's third period dance by heart.

You know the heat is off.

Yeti said...

Wow! Great feedback so far! Love what I see!

Anonymous said...

When you see someone dissing on the team or the player (usually someone from Omaha) you defend them ass if the team is you family!

JARHEAD said...

You work in Council Bluffs and your office is full of Stars gear including the welcome mat infront of your desk.

StarsNutz said...

You can correctly pronounce Vlaisavljevic, Lamoreux, and Roy...

BellTolls said...

When it takes you 5 minutes after entering your section to get to your seat because you're too busy shaking hands and talking with people on the way to your seat.

When you see some newb walking up the stairs to their seat while the puck is in play and don't have to yell anything because you know someone else will take care of that for you.

When you never complain, despite it being the 21st century, that you have to stand in line with 50+ other people to use the bathroom between periods.

When the Stars need a goal, you leave the rink area during the middle of a game because you know the Stars tend to score whenever you are in the bathroom/getting concessions.

Stars Chick said...

When your Fargo Force fan co-worker and you have just about "dropped the gloves" at work, on several occasions.

Regarding away games: Sitting in the Olive Garden eating dinner watching the Stars game on your Samsung Tablet. More than once sat in the Tractor Supply or Southeast Community College parking lot listening to the end of the Stars game because you know you'll lose AM radio reception as soon as you leave the Lincoln city limits. Watching the away games on your laptop and yelling so loud you make your dogs bark.

God I miss hockey...

Nighthawk said...

You go to the theater to see The Avengers and one of the ads for Coke plays "The Heat Is On", forcing to you walk out.

(That song is beyond terrible.)

Anonymous said...

You have a picture of John Snowden holding the clark cup in your wallet instead of a family picture.

Anonymous said...

Your idea of serving breakfast is giving each of your kids a fork and dropping an Eggo in the middle of the table.

Anonymous said...

You teach your kids the signals for all penalties before you teach them the alphabet.

Anonymous said...

You use a puck as a paperweight.

Yeti said...

These are really great. Thanks for sharing, everyone. I'd love to hear more!

Anonymous said...

You hear Olympic water polo on in the background and get excited to hear someone is "on the power play"

Jason said...

- My workout music is the same as the shootaround playlist.

- That brief period when the fog over the ice combines with a little bit of 'Old Barn' is an existential experience.

- You say, "Damn right it's a barn!" when asked about the Ice Box's heritage

- You pause just a second, even if it's freezing out to catch a whiff of that BBQ grill.

- The beer server already starts pouring yours while pouring the beer for the guy ahead of you. Or it means I drink too much...

- You can tell the noobs from the veteran fans by gauging their reaction to Dancin' Guy. The newbies are in awe, the vets have a contented grin.

- You think the concourses aren't crowded, they're cozy.

- If for only one reason, I look forward to going the Ice Box simply because I know people won't ask why 'Canadiens' is spelled wrong on my hat.

Yeti said...

Wow....these are great.

Jason, you had some really good ones that had me chuckling! I can relate about the beer. My favorite beer vendor has mine poured and ready before I even get up to the counter. I tip her well, so she hooks me up!

Anonymous said...

You can sit behind the pent box, and be a loud and sometime completely annoy at times person, yelling at every opponent player that screws up, wear the most off the ball bird hats and some how manage to have your section embrace you as a friend

Anonymous said...

The terms "you just chicken" or "you just got milk" brings a huge smile and great satisfaction

Anonymous said...

When your friends refer to "those Damn pumpkins" and you know they aren't talking about the plant

haley_g2010 said...

When you'll willing risk your life by wearing a Stars hardhat with a red siren and blowing a train whistle outside the Civic after a Stars victory.