Thursday, August 30, 2012

Stars' preseason roster is up

Posted this morning on the Lincoln Stars website is the roster of players the team will open the preseason with.  Click here to see the list of players.  I'll also post the entire list below.

There are a total of 26 27players listed here.  Before the regular season begins on Friday, September 28th, the Stars will have to cut down to 23 players.  Jersey numbers each player will wear next are listed on the far left.  Their birth years are listed to the right.

#33:  G - Michael Bitzer ('93)
#35:  G - Jackson Teichroeb ('92 - overager/import) 

#3:  D - Charlie Donlin ('93)
#4:  D - Daniel Willett ('96)
#5:  D - Vinny Muto ('93)
#6:  D - Paul LaDue ('92 - overager)
#7:  D - Zack Pittman ('95)
#21:  D - Zach Frye ('94) 
#23:  D - Mike McKee ('93 - import)

#25:  D - Justin Woods ('94)

#8:  F - Tommy Schutt ('93)
#9:  F - Vinni Lettieri ('95)
#10:  F - Will Suter ('92 - overager)
#11:  F - Zach Aston-Reese ('94)
#12:  F - Michael Bunn ('94)
#13:  F - Ross Olsson ('94)
#14:  F - David Parrottino ('94)
#15:  F - Brent Wold ('93 - import) 
#16:  F - Dominik Shine ('93)
#17:  F - Max Coatta ('94)
#18:  F - Max Humitz ('95)
#19:  F - Brad Hawkinson ('94)
#20:  F - Jimmy Devito ('94)
#26:  F - Jake Wood ('93 - import)
#27:  F - Luke Johnson ('94)
#39:  F - Eric Scheid ('92 - overager)
F - Garrett Brossart ('94)

Edit:  After my article was posted, the Stars have included forward Garrett Brossart to the preseason roster.  Brossart is a 2012 USHL Entry Draft pick of the Lincoln Stars.  He's a native of Fargo, ND.

Let's compare the list above to the 25 player protected roster (and affiliate list) released by the Lincoln Stars on 7/2/12.  Click here to see that list.  Previously protected in July but not above are defenseman Austin Yano, forwards Bob Kinne and Michael Neville.  Kinne will be playing for the Bismarck Bobcats of the NAHL next season, while Neville was traded to the Cedar Rapids Roughriders for "future considerations."  Click here to read more about Kinne and Neville moving on.

The only player not originally protected by Lincoln back in July but now listed above is forward Jimmy DeVito, who was acquired by the Stars from the Chicago Steel.  Click here to read more about that.

Max Coatta, Daniel Willett, and Max Humitz were previously listed on the affiliate list, but all three now appear on the preseason roster.  Willett and Humitz are already in town attending high school, so those two are going to be permanent roster additions.  From my understanding, players attending high school cannot be cut.  I've heard some rumors that Coatta will start the regular season with Lincoln, and then go back to Minnetonka High School to finish out his senior season there.  After his high school season has completed, Coatta will return to Lincoln to finish out the regular season and playoffs.  Basically, the same thing Vinnie Lettieri did last season.

Biggest surprise for me is the exclusion of defenseman Austin Yano.  Honestly, I'm shocked he isn't on the list.  I don't know the story as to why he's not included, but he was one of the better defensemen I saw at Lincoln's camp.  A bit undersized, but Yano had terrific skating skills and seemed to me to be the ultimate powerplay QB.  Really disappointed to not see him listed here.  Edit:  I've been told that Yano was a victim of the USHL's import rule.  Only four imports (players born outside of the USA) can be rostered by each USHL team.  Teichroeb, McKee, Wold, and Wood will be Lincoln's four imports next season.

Kevin Roy's former number (#15) will be worn this season by another Canadian, forward Brent Wold who is from Lac Du Bonnet, Manitoba.  No pressure there, eh?

Forward Michael Bunn, from Wake Forest, NC, will probably start the season on the injured reserve list.  He's recovering from ACL surgery after injuring it during Lincoln's tryout camp this past June in Minneapolis.

Largest player:  6'4", 230 pounds of pure mayhem, defenseman Mike McKee.
Smallest player:  5'6", 150 pound rookie defenseman Daniell Willett.  As the only player born in 1996, Willett is also the youngest player on the roster.  Like a friend pointed out to me, I'd love to see McKee and Willett paired together on the blueline.  That would be interesting to see.  Almost a foot in height difference, and almost a 100 pound weight difference.

There are 8 defensemen listed above, and I anticipate the Stars making one cut there before the regular season starts.  Historically, the Stars will roster 7 defensemen during the regular season.

Okay, now I'd like to hear from you folks.  Thoughts on this roster?  Comments are wide open.  


StarzNutz said...

Lot of inexperience at D...Hopefully that doesn't cost us...Will be fun to watch all the young players improve throughout the season...I'm going to have a hard time finding a new favorite player after Brent Tate was forced to move on...

Yeti said...

Our returning defensemen have a total of 150 games of USHL experience. So it's not like they are all green. Definitely a lower number compared to last season, though.

Layla said...

Uh Tate wasnt forced out. He got a scholarship to Bowling Green.

StarzNutz said...

Tate was also too old to play any more...