Saturday, August 18, 2012

Lincoln Stars to participate in preseason Clyde Iron Cup

The Lincoln Stars will be one of four USHL teams who will participate in the "Clyde Iron Cup" on September 14th and 15th at the at the Duluth Heritage Sports Center in Duluth, Minn.  Click here to read the official announcement from the USHL.

Friday, September 14th:
Tri-City Storm vs. Lincoln Stars @ 3:00pm
Sioux City Musketeers vs. Green Bay Gamblers @ 8:00pm

The winners of those two games will play for the "championship" the next day (Saturday, September 15th) at 2:00pm. The consolation game between the two losing teams will take place that same day (9/15) at 11:30am.  All times mentioned above are CST.

I believe the Stars will first start practicing together as a team on Monday September 10th, so it appears that they'll have but a few days of practice before participating in this tournament against two other USHL teams.

I am not aware if this preseason tournament will be broadcast on or even covered by the USHL Pointstreak site.  As more news about this event is posted online, I will include it here in this article.

8/20/12 Edit:  Here's the link from the Lincoln Stars website.


Yeti said...

Just in case anyone was curious, it's about a 9.5 drive (one way) from Lincoln to Duluth. Anyone out there considering a preseason road trip?

Dan said...

It would nice to have a preseason game at the Ice Box in Lincoln one of these years. Some of us can't travel to Duluth or even Sioux City to watch the games.

Is there a specific reason why the Stars don't host a preseason game at the Ice Box?

MacAttack said...

Dan, I think preseason games at the Icebox won't happen because the Stars would have to charge for parking to satisfy the University

lincolnfan said...

i don't think that the preseason games are even remotely profitable for the Stars, and attendance would be reduced even more if they had to charge for parking. they did have one about 3 years ago, i remember, when we played Tri-City on a Sunday afternoon. my estimate is there weren't even 800 people there. while roadtripping for a preseason game would be fun, i'd rather save my money and travel for a regular season or playoff game.