Tuesday, June 12, 2012

2012 Tryout Camp Review and other notes

First of all, I want to thank the Lincoln Stars organization for a very successful camp, and for making me feel welcome.  Special thanks to Stars President Jim Pflug and Associate Head Coach Jimmy McGroarty for providing me with roster sheets for the main camp and the all-star games.  Just like last year, I thought the 2012 camp was run extremely well and I heard from a number of player parents there who said the same thing.  Just about every player parent I talked to at tryouts stated that they thought it was a great idea to hold the camp at Ridder Arena, and the facilities there on campus were top-notch. 

I know most of the fans in Lincoln wish the camp was still held in Omaha, but I'm convinced that hosting the tryouts in Minneapolis has attracted a number of players who might not have reported to Omaha.  Like last season, I talked to a few parents this past weekend who stated exactly that.  They brought their son to Minneapolis because it was easier to fly/drive into.  Also, there's no doubt that the players are exposed to more college and pro scouts in Minnesota than they would be in Omaha.  So I really hope the Stars organization continues to host this camp in Minneapolis.  It's a winner, without a doubt.

In the next few days I'm going to post a link to a bunch of pictures I took during the camp.  I'm also planning on putting together a B³ camp all-star team of drafted, and free-agent players.  All of our returning vets played very well at camp, so I thought I'd highlight some of the top incoming players who the fans might not be familiar with.

So what's next?  Well, the Lincoln Stars (and every other USHL team) have until July 1st to firm up their 25-player protected roster and send it in to the league.  The Stars will have a 25-player protected list, and also a list of up to 14 players on their affiliate list.  To understand it a little better, click here to view the protected roster the Stars released after the 2011 camp last year.  I believe any player protected on the affiliate list has to have been previously drafted by the Stars (i.e., no free agents).  As you can see from the link above, the Stars protected a group of 25 players, along with 14 players on their affiliate list in July of 2011.

I believe the 14-player affiliate list next season will consist of six players born in 1996, six players born in 1995, and two players born in 1994.  Players on the affiliate list can be brought up during the regular season by the Stars at any time.

While some other USHL teams will release their protected roster before the 7/1 deadline, I doubt we'll see anything released from the Stars until late June, or early July.  Some teams, like Dubuque, will post their protected roster before the 7/1 deadline.  I've already heard of a few players who made the Lincoln roster (via Twitter), but until the Stars put out an official release, I won't be posting any rumors here.  As soon as the Stars make it official I will post it here.  Like every year, I'll also post my predictions on which players I think make the roster.  I'll do that before the 7/1 deadline.

The Stars will take those 25 protected players, along with some of the affiliate players, to the USHL Fall Classic tournament which is held in Sioux City, Iowa from September 19th-22nd.  After the Fall Classic, the Stars will have to cut down to 23 players and those players will be on the roster on opening night of the 2012-13 USHL regular season.  So between now and early October there could still be a lot of roster-shuffling done.

Speaking of early July, sometime that month the USHL should release the 2012-13 regular season schedule.  It's always interesting to look over the new schedule when that's released.  Also in July, the USHL will release the game schedule for the 2012 Fall Classic tournament in Sioux City.

If I missed anything, please leave a blog comment or send me an email at lincolnstarshockey@gmail.com.

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MacAttack said...

another wonderful job Yeti! wish I could have joined you at the camp. maybe next year? but being able to see your observations and opinions after every session really helped my hockey withdrawals. am really looking forward to the Classic and the beginning of the season.