Thursday, June 7, 2012

2012 Lincoln Stars Tryout Camp Rosters

Without further adieu, here are the 2012 Lincoln Stars Tryout Camp Rosters. Like last year, there are six teams. 119 kids are listed on the rosters. Last year, a couple rostered players didn't show and a couple showed up that weren't on the initial rosters, so take that number with a grain of salt.

Stars' draft picks that did not report to camp are: Mike McCarron (2012 Entry/5th round), Brandon Morely (2012 Entry/17th round), Zach Pochiro (2012 Entry/19th round), Trevor Cope (2011 Entry/17th round) and Sean Malone (2011 Futures/4th round). No real big surprises there.

16 players with previous experience playing for the Stars are at camp, including Eric Scheid, who played last season at Alaska-Anchorage. Jon Grebosky is also at camp after starting last year with Lincoln before winding up in the NAHL.

Dominik Shine is listed as a defenseman for some strange reason. Who really knows why. Obviously the coaches don't need to see him play forward.

Team Royal features all three of Lou Nanne's grandsons - Vinni Lettieri, Tyler Nanne and Louie Nanne. No doubt the Stars' coaches want to see if the three of them can work some magic at camp. Max Coatta, a high school teammate of Lettieri, is also on that team.

There are 7 overagers (players born in 1992) at camp, 6 of whom are veteran Stars (Jackson Teichroeb, Paul LaDue, Logan Smith, Eric Scheid, Bob Kinne, Will Suter). The other OA player is goalie Tim Shaughnessy of Minot (NAHL).

The youngest player at camp is Ty Comrie (August 8, 1997). Comrie, who plays for LA Selects Major Bantam, is a 5-10, 145-pound forward. He's 14 years old. Crazy. He's the half-brother of former NHL star Mike Comrie. There are a couple other '97 born players at camp as well.

Stay tuned to the blog later tonight. Full Day 1 recap coming after the scrimmages.

Team Royal/Team Red

 Team Columbia/Team Black

Team White/Team Yellow 

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