Saturday, June 9, 2012

2012 Lincoln Stars Tryout Camp - Day Three (Morning)

Here are some quick updates from the scrimmages taking place in the morning session on day three of the Lincoln Stars Tryout Camp at Ridder Arena on the University of Minnesota campus. Full recaps of each scrimmage will come later today. The Black and Blue Blog will be unable to provide quick updates during this evening's session, so be sure to follow Lincoln Stars Blog on Twitter for live updates from Yeti. As always, Yeti will have a full recap later tonight.

Scrimmage #10: Team Yellow 2, Team Red 1
Yellow (3-1) - (F) Luke Johnson, (F) Charles Guevremont
Red (1-3) - (D) Ian Scheid

Scrimmage #11: Team Royal 1, Team Columbia 0
Royal (3-1) - (F) Jake Larson
Columbia (2-2)

Scrimmage #12: Team White 3, Team Black 1
White (2-2) - (D) Jake Horton, (F) Colin Staub, (D) Zach Frye (empty net)
Black (1-3) - (F) David Parrottino

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