Friday, June 8, 2012

2012 Lincoln Stars Tryout Camp - Day Two (Evening)

Here are some quick updates from the scrimmages taking place in the evening session on day two of the Lincoln Stars Tryout Camp at Ridder Arena on the University of Minnesota campus. Full recaps of each scrimmage will come later tonight. Thanks for reading and feel free to chime in with questions or comments below.

Scrimmage #7: Team Columbia 5, Team Black 2
Columbia (2-1) - (F) Will Suter, (F) Colin Larkin, (F) Brooks Lewis, (F) Austin Heakins (2)
Black (1-2) - (F) David Parrottino, (D) Dominik Shine

Scrimmage #8: Team Royal 2, Team Red 1
Royal (2-1) - (F) AJ Marcinek, (F) Tyler Nanne
Red (1-2) - (F) Aidan Muir

Scrimmage #9: Team White 2, Team Yellow 1
White (1-2) - (F) Denver Pierce, Mystery Player (goal-mouth scramble, I did not see who scored)
Yellow (2-1) - (F) Michael Bunn

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