Monday, May 7, 2012

B³ Postgame Recap: Lincoln 2, Waterloo 6

The 2011-12 season came to a close for the Lincoln Stars tonight in Waterloo, IA as the hometown Blackhawks skated to a 6-2 victory and a 3-1 series win.

Click here to view the Pointstreak boxscore.

The Blackhawks will represent the western conference and move onto the USHL Clark Cup Finals where they will face off against the Green Bay Gambers.  Click here to view the Pointstreak USHL playoff bracket.

Extremely tough game to watch tonight knowing that the end was quickly approaching.  As in just about every game this series, the Stars fell behind early and could not catch up.  Waterloo scored two in the first, two in the second, and two in the third.  Waterloo outscored Lincoln 9-1 total in the four first periods of this series.

Lincoln finally got on the scoreboard two minutes into the third period when Kevin Roy netted his sixth goal of the playoffs to pull the Stars to within three goals at 4-1.  Roy added his second of the game with about 8 minutes remaining to pull Lincoln to within two goals.

The Stars fought like hell in the second and third periods to get back into the game, but the damage was already done.  Proud of the boys with how they finished the game.  They could have packed it up, but they battled and battled until the very end.

Okay, here's my rant.  Skip this paragraph if you don't want to hear my babbling.  The officiating in this game (and series) was really, really bad.  I know I'm going to sound like sour grapes but I don't give a shit.  The officiating in this league is so inconsistent it's a joke. The officials pretty much let Lincoln and Fargo play, but in this series it's suddenly a whistle-fest.  The Stars get used to one style of hockey and then all of a sudden they can't play their style without constant penalties.   I'm going to stop right there before my big mouth gets me in trouble.  I just hope USHL referee Christopher Pitoscia moves on to a different league next season.

Props to Waterloo.  They have incredible team speed and take full advantage of their larger ice surface at Young Arena.  Having said that, I have to root for Green Bay in the finals.  I don't care who is representing the western conference in the finals; if it's not Lincoln, I'm rooting for the other team.  The Gamblers have defenseman Dakota Mermis, who played a few games for the Stars back in 2009-10 , and whose older brother Jarrod played for Lincoln that same season.  Those are good enough reasons for me to pull for the Gamblers in the finals.

I'll update the blog with a season-ending recap article tomorrow sometime, so stay tuned for that.

Huge thanks to all of the Stars players and coaches this season for giving up so much for our entertainment.  You're the best, and you deserved better.  Please hold your heads high and remember the good times!  We are very, very proud of your efforts and hard work.  You are our champions!

More tomorrow.  Go Stars.


Trishia S. said...

Thank you, Yeti, for all of the time and effort you put into maintaining this blog throughout the year for player parents and fans. Mrs. Yeti must be some kind of wonderful for not busting your chops about how much time you end up spending on this blog and hockey, in general!

Yeti said...

Yeah, she's ok. :)

lincolnfan said...

i am by no means a hockey expert; i do not know all of the rules or anything. but i have to say that even i notice how inconsistent and bad the officiating is. there are so many missed calls and so many bad calls in games that i can't help but believe it plays a role in determining the overall outcome of some of the games. it's always the same officials too. it shouldn't matter who is an official in what game; they should be consistent. i also can't help but believe there are more unfair calls against Lincoln than other teams, particularly when we play a western conference opponent. i know it could very well just be because i am a Stars fan and biased toward Lincoln, but it seems there are some games we show up to play and they are already over before than even really begin. it makes it difficult to win a game when the officials are against you and are calling every little thing (and then some) and not making fair calls against the other team. i am aware that it is impossible for them to make every call and to be 100% fair on both sides; most games only have one ref and it's impossible for them to see everything. hockey is a fast-paced sport and they have to make a call right away... however, it's frustrating and i feel like something more needs to be done to ensure the fairness and consistency. i can't help but believe there is some kind of conspiracy or bribery going on that the officiating is so one-sided in so many games that we play.

having said all that, it was a great season (the best in a while). Lincoln won the western conference, and in the end, i don't know that the officiating played a role in determining the outcome of the series. i still Lincoln is the better team, but we gave Waterloo a number of opportunities early on in each game, and they took advantage of them. personally, i don't believe Waterloo stands a chance against Green Bay. thanks for all the memories.. and thanks Yeti for all you do for the blog. i know you don't get as many comments as you used to, but i know a lot of people read your entries. keep up the good work.

nutz4puckz said...

Well that was a crummy way to end an otherwise great year. The only thing that is a bigger joke than the officiating all year was the "coverage" that the local paper gave them all year. Love reading the Waterloo perspective of the game on

Thanks to the players and coaches for the great season and thanks Yeti for the great work on the blog all season. Hard to believe that its over, it seems like we were just getting started.

starstruck said...

What an amazing season! It has been a privilege to watch this team come together from that first game in September to now - a time that went entirely too fast! Congratulations to the players and coaching staff for the great success achieved and for battling your way through circumstances that were often beyond your control. Proud of these young men and look forward to watching their success in the future and we can all say with pride, "they are former Stars"!

Congratulations to the Stars organization for providing yet another exciting & entertaining season of hockey for us fans. You have no rival in the USHL - there is no place like the Ice Box for a hockey game! We don’t need cowbells at the Box to show we support our team.

A big thanks to Yeti for all you do to provide a place for fans, player families, and maybe even players to keep up with the Lincoln Stars. The hard work and dedication you put into the blog shows and it is appreciated more than you know.

Looking forward to September!

Yeti said...

Thanks for all the kind words. I really appreciate it. :)

Shooter said...

lincoln won the regular season western confernce title!!

Shooter said...

Lincoln won the regular season conference title!!!

Yeti said...

We're all well aware of that, Shooter. But thanks for the reminder.