Monday, May 21, 2012

B³ Draft Coverage: 2012 USHL Entry Draft Preview

Tomorrow (Tuesday 5/22) afternoon starting at 4:00pm CST, the Lincoln Stars will participate in 2012 USHL Entry Draft.  This draft is much different than the USHL Futures Draft which was held in a few weeks ago.  Whereas the Futures Draft is used to select some of the up and coming youngsters from a specific birth year who will contribute to the Stars in a few seasons, most of the players selected in Tuesday's Entry Draft are drafted with the intentions they will contribute in 2012-13.  Click here to read more from the USHL website.

Here's a quote from the USHL website about the 2012 Entry Draft:

The second and main USHL draft will be held on May 22, 2012. This draft is open to players with birthdates ranging from 1992 to 1997. Teams will fill their roster to a total of 30 players on this date, in addition to the 10 they have on their Affiliate List. The total number of players that a team will draft will vary depending on the number of returning players they have on the Initial Protected List. Typically teams will have 9 returning players, as 14 on average will be moving on to the NHL or NCAA Division I hockey. This is an average, and not a guarantee. Some teams will protect more players and some will protect less. Teams will have their training camps/tryouts in June and July. Teams will typically have 60-80 players at their training camps. 30 of the players at the camp are returning players or drafted players that the team has protected. The remaining 30-50 players are invited by the team. By July 1st, 2012, teams must be down to a 25-man protected list from all the players that were at their training camps in June.

So the amount of players drafted by the Stars this Tuesday has a lot to do with how many players from last season are protected by the Stars because they anticipate returning for another season.  Based on what I put together, I'd anticipate the Stars drafting a total of 14-16 players tomorrow.

I believe the Stars will not have a draft pick in the first round because of a trade they made last year with the Dubuque Fighting Saints for goaltender Jackson Teichroeb.  When the trade was announced, it stated that the Stars sent a first round draft pick, and a conditional fifth round draft pick in the 2012 USHL Entry Draft for the rights to Teichroeb.  So unless the Stars have secretly obtained a first round draft pick, I don't believe they'll draft their first player until the second round.  In the 2011 Entry Draft, the Stars selected Kevin Roy in the first round.

Because the Stars do not have a goaltender on their affiliate list, and with Charles Williams departing for Ferris State, I would suspect that the Stars will draft at least one goaltender tomorrow.  As far as I know, Jackson Teichroeb could return next season unless he has a college scholarship lined up that I'm not aware of.

You can never replace a talent like Kevin Roy, who comes around once every 20+ years, but Lincoln will look to draft some talented, point-scoring forwards who can come in next season and replace names such as Roy, Jared Hanson, Matt Friese, and Teemu Tiitinen.

I'll be following the draft live as it occurs, and I'll post the selections made by the Stars in a separate article.  If I recall correctly, last year's entry draft lasted about five hours, so please be patient Tuesday afternoon/evening as we post results.  Thanks.

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