Sunday, March 4, 2012

Video highlights of the Stars' 5-2 win over the Des Moines Bucs

Thanks to Scott and his "Des Moines Bucs highlights" youtube page for the video below.  Scott, who is a fan of the Bucs, does a fantastic job of recording highlights from every Bucs home game, and editing them into a video.  I wish we had someone in Lincoln who could do something similar.  If you're on Twitter, make sure you follow Scott here.  Click play below to watch the video.


Yeti said...

After I've had the chance to watch this video a few times, the off-ice officials in Des Moines missed a few assists for the Stars.

-With Lincoln's first goal scored by Luke Johnson, you can plainly see Ralfs Freibergs pass it up ice to Brent Tate, who then passes to Luke Johnson who scores. Tate was the only player to earn an assist on the play. Freibergs should get the second assist on Johnson's goal.

-With Lincoln fourth goal scored by Matt Friese, you can again plainly see Jared Hanson behind the net nudge the puck up to Friese who taps it past Pheonix Copley. Markus McCrea first plays the puck to Hanson, who then passes it to Friese. Only McCrea was awarded an assist on the play. Hanson should get the primary assist, with McCrea getting the secondary assist.

Yeti said...

I went back and looked at the Pointstreak boxscore again today, and the players missing assists that I noted above are now getting assists. Good to see those two get credit for their hard work.

Yeti said...

Also, it looks like Paul LaDue picked up an assist on Vinni Lettieri's first USHL goal. That was originally called an unassisted goal at first.