Sunday, March 25, 2012

Snapshots of the Game: Sioux City vs. Lincoln 3/24

Thanks to Jeff White and Brandon Anderson for letting me post some of their photos from the Sioux City game last night at the IceBox.  Check out Jeff's "Depicted Image" Facebook page and Brandon's "BA Photos" Facebook page.

Click the "Read more" link underneath the photo below to see all of the pictures in this series.

Great shot of the pregame light show at the IceBox.  Home sweet home!

Pregame huddle
Kevin Roy
Teemu Tiitinen
Will Suter
Brent Tate drops the mitts with Dane Cooper of Sioux City
Brent Tate winding up for a big right hand
Jared Hanson going down on one knee to celebrate his second period goal
Brent Tate arguing the call after getting ejected from the game
Moments after Kevin Roy scored his record-tying 47th goal of the season
Jackson Teichroeb
Brent Tate
Jared Hanson
Will Suter giving his little sister a kiss after warmups
Kevin Roy
Dax Lauwers
Logan Smith
"The Punisher," Mike McKee 
Brad Hawkinson
Vinni Lettieri
Ralfs Freibergs
Markus McCrea and some wicked stick flex
Will Suter and SC goaltender Matt Skoff
Stars' bench


starsfan said...

Saw on the twitter page that Tate was suspended for 5 games. Gotta expect a captain to play a little smarter. There is a limit to how many misconducts the league will overlook before dropping the hammer. That 5 minute major Sat. just killed any momentum the stars had mustered!

Yeti said...

I agree, starsfan. He has to play smarter. Because of his past, he's under a microscope on the ice. We need him on the ice, not in street clothes watching the game from the stands.