Sunday, March 18, 2012

"Jersey Off Our Backs" Auction Results and Pictures

After the Bucs vs. Stars game at the IceBox on Saturday night, the Lincoln Stars had their annual "Jersey Off Our Backs" auction to benefit the American Cancer Society. 

 I'm going to include the totals for each jersey below.  A grand total of $47,150 was raised!  The St. Patrick's Day themed jerseys were designed by Stars trainer Corey Courtney.  Stars fans should be very proud of their dedication and willingness to contribute to such a great cause.

Here are the jersey totals, in order of the bidding:

Bob Kinne:  $1250
Markus McCrea:  $1250
Brandon Carlson:  $1450
Logan Smith:  $1500
Brad Hawkinson:  $1400
Tommy Schutt:  $1700
Matt Friese:  $1200
Vinni Lettieri:  $2300
Zach Frye:  $1300
Zach Aston-Reese:  $1250
Will Suter:  $1900
Jackson Teichroeb:  $1500
Charles Williams:  $2600
Ralfs Freibergs:  $1800
Luke Johnson:  $1700
Paul LaDue:  $1450
Jared Hanson:  $1800
Mike McKee:  $1500
Kevin Roy:  $3100
Dominik Shine:  $2050
Teemu Tiitinen:  $1900
Dax Lauwers:  $1550
Brent Tate:  $4600
Colton Saucerman:  $2200
Framed team autographed jersey:  $2900

Click the "Read More" link below to see more pictures from the auction, courtesy of Brandon Anderson Photos.

Stars radio announcer Mike Melbye with Brandon Carlson
Matt Friese
Vinni Lettieri
Zach Frye
Zach Aston-Reese
Will Suter
Charles Williams
Luke Johnson
Paul LaDue
Jared Hanson
Mike McKee
Kevin Roy
Dominik Shine
Teemu Tiitinen
Dax Lauwers
Brent Tate

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