Sunday, February 5, 2012

Helmet-cam video from the Des Moines vs. Lincoln game on 2/3

If you were at the Bucs vs. Stars game this past Friday night at the IceBox, you may have noticed something a little strange with one of the officials.  USHL linesman Patrick Turcotte was wearing a GoPro video camera on the top of his helmet for the entire game.  So what's the back story?

Brandon Anderson of BA Photos received permission from the league to have his GoPro camera installed onto the top of Turcotte's helmet.  You can see a picture of the helmet-camera combo to the left.

So you can only imagine that the camera recorded some very interesting video from a perspective we never get to see as fans.  Below are two such videos.  In the first video we see Dax Lauwers of the Stars drop the mitts with Patrick Kirtland of the Bucs, a fight that occurred in the first period.  The fight didn't last very long, but the footage from the fight is really cool I think.  The second video is of the failed penalty shot attempt the Bucs had in the second period.  Thanks to Brandon for allowing me to share these viceos with all of you.  Click play below to watch.


Mike Burda said...

The video of the penalty shot was amazing.

nutz4puckz said...

That is some amazing footage. Kudos to Brandon and Yeti for some national pub for the blog.