Monday, January 16, 2012

USHL Winter Classic in 2013?

Back in October of 2011, University of Nebraska-Omaha Mavericks head coach Dean Blais said during a fan-attended luncheon that UNO would host an outdoor game against the University of North Dakota in February of 2013.  The venue for the outdoor game would be TD Ameritrade Park (pictured to the left), the new baseball stadium built just east of downtown Omaha.  Total seating capacity is 24,000.

Here's an old message board thread from that discusses the topic further:  click here to read.

According to Blais, the Omaha Lancers would also use the outdoor rink to host the Lincoln Stars that same day, or weekend.  I blogged about it here last October.

Well, I received some good information over the weekend that this event is a go.  I've been told that organizers would like both games to be held on Saturday, February 9th, 2013.  The Lancers would play the Stars in the afternoon, and then UNO would play UND later that evening.

We're still a year away so a lot could happen between now and then.  Personally, I would rather have the two games held on different days.  Maybe have the UND-UNO game on Saturday, and then the Stars-Lancers game on Sunday that weekend.  

Weather could play havoc with the scheduling also, as a MavPuck member mentions in the thread I linked above.  We've had an unseasonably warm (and dry) winter so far, but the weather changes so drastically here in just a short amount of time.  I'm not sure I'd want to spend 4-6 hours outdoors watching back-to-back hockey games in -5F degree weather with the wind blowing out of the north at 30mph.

Regardless, I really hope this comes to fruition.  I would definitely attend both games, as would a lot of hockey fans here in Lincoln.

What say you?  Would you attend this event?

Edit: Stick tap to the Western College Hockey Blog for linking us here.


Crazy Carl said...

If it happens, I'll be there. Sounds like an opportunity to tailgate before or between games.

Norfolk Fan said...

If it comes true, it will be an awesome and historical event that will be a huge draw and give big publicity for the league and both teams and cities! I hope it comes true and the weather cooperates! Go Stars!

extowerclimber said...

I would go also and would like to see a ticket special that would cover both games. A tailgate area would be fun too.

Yeti said...

Agreed, extowerclimber. A general pass to both games is a great idea. Sign me up.

Eric J. Burton said...

Awesome!!!! That should be fun.