Monday, January 16, 2012

Snapshots of the Game: Sioux City and Omaha

Much thanks go out to blog reader "Starstruck" for allowing me to share some of their photos from the two games this past weekend at the IceBox.  It is much appreciated!

The first set of photos will be from the Sioux City game on 1/13.  The second set of photos will be from the Omaha game on 1/14.  Enjoy!

Click the "Read more" link underneath the photo below to see all of the pictures in this series.

Stars salute to the crowd after the win against Sioux City

Pregame huddle against Sioux City
Kevin Roy celebrates his first goal of the night by "Tebowing"
Paul LaDue (left), Markus McCrea (middle), and Charles Williams (right) watch for the puck in their own zone
Dax Lauwers
Jonathan Grebosky celebrates after scoring his first USHL goal
A third period shot from Matt Friese finds the back of the net as the crowd celebrates
Brandon Carlson
Great shot of a Paul LaDue shot getting past SC goaltender Matt Skoff and into the net
Pregame huddle against Omaha
Mike McKee during the starting lineups
Brent Tate and Tommy Schutt combine to sandwich an Omaha player
Jackson Teichroeb
Matt Friese getting ready to send a shot on net in the second period
Terrific shot of Kevin Roy's third period goal.  You can see the puck going glove high on Alex Lyon.
Moments after Roy's third period goal
Stars celebrate after Markus McCrea's third period goal
Jared Hanson (on one knee behind the net) is congratulated by Kevin Roy after scoring his third period goal

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