Sunday, December 11, 2011

Snapshots of the Game: Waterloo vs. Lincoln 12/10

Thanks to Carl Kacvinsky and Jeff White for allowing me to share some of their photos from the Waterloo game last night.  Click here and here to view Carl's Facebook page and website.  Also, check out Jeff's "Depicted Image" Facebook page.  If you're on Facebook, make sure you "Like" both pages so you can see all of their Stars photos throughout the season.

Click the "Read more" link underneath the photo below to see all of the pictures in this series.

Jared Hanson goes down to one knee to celebrate his game-winning OT goal

Matt Friese (L) and Kevin Roy after Jared Hanson's first period goal
Brad Hawkinson
Zach Frye after a big hit on a Waterloo player
Brandon Carlson
Shot just goes wide of the Waterloo net
Brent Tate scraps with a Blackhawks player
Moments before Colton Saucerman scored his second period goal
Waterloo goaltender Jay Williams
Cracked pane of glass after a hit along the boards
Jared Hanson celebrates after tipping the puck past Jay Williams for his second goal of the game
Jared Hanson once again....this time in OT shooting the puck into the net for the game-winning goal
It's in the net!!
And the crowd goes wild!
Game over!  Stars win!
Zach Frye and the rest of his teammates during warmups
Mike McKee
Kevin Roy
Zach Frye crashes the Waterloo net
Mike McKee
Jared Hanson celebrates after his game-winning OT goal

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MacAttack said...

Tate didn't just scrap with the Hawk player, he pummeled him. that was a total beatdown for sure.