Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Kevin Roy courted by the QMJHL - Updated

I ran across a tweet tonight regarding Stars forward Kevin Roy that I thought was very interesting.  According to the tweet (pictured below), Kevin Roy was approached by the Quebec Remparts of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League (QMJHL).

Patrick Roy, the former NHL all-star goaltender, is the co-owner, general manager, and head coach for the Remparts.  Patrick Roy is no relation to Kevin Roy.

I also ran across this article (which is in French), that states that Roy had a meeting with the Remparts recently, but appears to be coming back to Nebraska and the Lincoln Stars after the holiday break.  Here's a rough translation (according to Google) of the above linked article:
The scoring of the best known American junior circuit, the USHL, could it be a wall a few weeks? We can now ask the question.
Kevin Roy of Lac-Beauport near Quebec, aligned with the Lincoln Stars. He has not closed the door to 100% to my colleague from VAT Sports in Quebec Stéphane Turcot. An appointment was scheduled between the clan and the Remparts Roy this week. He returned to Nebraska next week.
Roy has passed through the ranks of the Académie Saint-Louis in Quebec before taking the path of USHL. It will probably be drafted by an NHL team in June.
According to the plan A, it will evolve at Brown University next year.
Before you ask the question: no there is no relationship to Patrick Roy.

I really doubt Roy would give up his college scholarship and eligibility to play major juniors at this point in his hockey career, so I think these reports are nothing to be concerned about.  It appears for the time being that Roy is intent on returning to the Stars, and playing at Brown University next season.

Edit: Here's a follow-up to this story, courtesy of Ryan S. Clark of the "Slightly Chilled" blog:


Here's an excerpt from the article linked above:

Lincoln Stars coach Chad Johnson said this afternoon forward Kevin Roy will not join the Quebec Remparts of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League this season.

Johnson said Roy, who leads the USHL in scoring with 38 points this season, was recently approached by a Quebec City television station about doing an interview when he returned home for the Christmas Break. Roy is from Lac-Beauport, which is 15 miles or 25 kilometers from the province’s capital city.

“Both myself and (Stars assistant Jimmy) McGroarty spoke with the family. Jimmy spoke with his father and I spoke with Kevin at length and it started out as a TV station that wanted to do an interview and turned into a local player the Remparts are interested in,” Johnson said by phone. “Now he’s supposedly going to meet with the organization and Patrick Roy with him being the owner. We were told the family is not interested. They are interested in the college route. (The interview) was not blown out of proportion, but it was twisted around into him wanting to play in the QMJHL.”

“They put a kid in a tough spot,” Johnson said. “One thing about Kevin, he’s a loyal player. At 18 years old, that can be overwhelming. But he’s thinking about where he could be at 39 or 40. Academics are important to him and his family. Bottom line is if Kevin keeps progressing, he is going to play in the NHL regardless of where he’s playing.”

Johnson said when he spoke with Roy he asked him what would he rather have on his resume: An education from an Ivy League university or the fact he played Major Junior hockey in Canada.

Here's a link to a video from TVA Sports in Quebec, Canada about Kevin Roy.  Kevin is interviewed in the video, but unless you're fluent in French, you won't get much out of the video.  Click here to view it.


Yeti said...

A poster on HFBoards.com translated the video I linked above in which Kevin Roy talks to TVA Sports out of Quebec. Here it is.

voiceover: People have been impressed with Kevin Roy since they saw him show up his skills on YouTube at 13. Today at 18, he's still making a good impression while dominating the scoring title in the USHL.

Roy: No, I wasn't expecting that kind of season so far. I worked hard this summer, I arrived over there and the coaches gave me a chance. I hope I can keep going on until the rest of the season.

Some man talking about the Academie St-Louis hockey program in Quebec where Kevin played from 12 to 15 and how it can be a good alternative for Quebecers in light of Roy's success.

Roy: I don't have regrets. Maybe junior hockey would have worked but it's difficult to let go an education at Brown.

interviewer/voiceover: Kevin Roy had never been drafted by a QMJHL team, however, some teams could now be tempter to make him an offer, which is what the Quebec Remparts did.

Roy: They talked to my parents a few weeks ago and there might be a meeting this week.

voiceover: But the chances of him giving up his scolarship are low but he'll give himself some time to think about it.

Roy: That's easier being at home rather than 21 hours away in Nebraska. My mom would be happier, that's for sure.

voiceover: The final decision will come soon, Kevin has to go back to Nebraska on December 26th.

Brandon Anderson said...

I like the fact they stole one of my photos hahahahah

Yeti said...

I saw a few photos from other photographers as well in that video.

Brandon Anderson said...

yea there were a few others on there but I just care about my stuff hahaha