Sunday, November 20, 2011

Snapshots of the Game: Lincoln vs. Fargo 11/19

Thanks to Brandon Anderson for allowing me to share some of his pictures from the Fargo game last night.  Click here and here to view BA's website and Facebook page.

Also, click here to see photos from both games this weekend taken by "mjoy Photography," who is the main photographer for the Fargo Force.

Click the "Read more" link underneath the photo below to see all of the pictures in this series.

Jackson Teichroeb

Bob Kinne
Will Suter drops the mitts with Fargo's Nick Stoskopf
Suter with a cut to his noggin after hitting his head on the ice at the end of the fight
Mike McKee
Dax Lauwers bringing the pain
Paul Ladue (L) and Dax Lauwers (R) defend in front of goaltender Jackson Teichroeb
Markus McCrea lays out a Fargo player
Head Coach Chad Johnson instructing from the bench
Teemu Tiitinen reaches out to pokecheck a Fargo player
Brandon Carlson
Jared Hanson (middle) taps the head of Alex Schoenborn after the Stars win

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