Saturday, November 19, 2011

Snapshots of the Game: Lincoln vs. Fargo 11/18

Thanks to Brandon Anderson for allowing me to share some of his pictures from the Fargo game last night.  BA will also be at the game tonight, so I should have pictures to share from the Saturday night matchup as well.  Click here and here to view BA's website and Facebook page.

Click the "Read more" link underneath the photo below to see all of the pictures in this series.

Stars bench

Markus McCrea trades punches with Fargo's Dominic Racobaldo
Brandon Carlson drops to one knee to block a Fargo shot
Alex Schoenborn
Fargo's Brian Cooper leaves his feet for high hit on Will Suter
Mike McKee goes airborne
Luke Johnson
Kevin Roy (foreground) with Alex Shoenborn trailing
Colton Saucerman 
Shot goes just wide of Jackson Teichroeb

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