Saturday, November 12, 2011

B³ Postgame Recap 11/12: Omaha 1, Lincoln 2

The Lincoln Stars won their fourth game in a row tonight after beating the Omaha Lancers at the IceBox by a score of 2-1.  Click here to view the Pointstreak boxscore.

With the win and the two points, the Stars improved to 8-4-0 (16 points) and are all alone in first place in the USHL Western Conference.  Click here to see the standings.

For the second game in a row, the Stars scored first when Teemu Tiitinen batted the puck past Omaha goaltender Alex Lyon at the 12:18 mark of the first period.  Forward Vinni Lettieri and Markus McCrea collected the assists on Teemu's fifth goal of the season.  Tiitinen has scored 6 points (5g, 1a) in his last four games, and is riding a four-game goal scoring streak.

The Lancers would respond to the Tiitinen goal in a hurry when forward Tanner Lane broke in on Jackson Teichroeb and backhanded the puck into the net to knot the game up at 1-1.  Lane's goal came 1:40 after Tiitinen's tally.  Little did the Lancers know at the time, but that would be the only goal they would score that night.  Omaha outshot the Stars 12-10 in the first period.

In the second period, the Lancers came out and dominated play in my opinion.  They won the puck possession war, and put a number of shots on goal, although many of the shots were not high percentage scoring opportunities.  At times, the Lancers seemed to play like they were on the powerplay in the second period even though the action was at even-strength.  Omaha outshot the Stars 10-6 in the second period, but neither team would score.

The third period saw the Stars come out and play much better defensively, as they limited the Lancers to only four shots on goal in the final twenty minutes.  Midway through the period, Stars foward Matt Friese would step up and be the hero thanks to a nice cross ice pass from defenseman Colton Saucerman.  As you can see from the picture posted above, Friese one-timed the puck just between Lyon and the post to give Lincoln the 2-1 lead, and the eventual win.  Along with Saucerman, defenseman Paul Ladue collected the other assist on Friese's second goal of the season.  After going scoreless in his first eight games of the season for the Stars, Friese now has four points (2g, 2a) in his last four games.

The Lancers would pull goaltender Alex Lyon in the waning moments of the game for the extra attacker, but I don't believe they managed to get a shot on Teichroeb in the final minutes.  Stars win 2-1, and leapfrog the Lancers in the USHL Western Conference standings into first place.  Lincoln goaltender Jackson Teichroeb stopped 25 of 26 shots on goal to record his seventh win of the season, which is tops in the entire USHL.

Wow....what a great game.  It definitely had a playoff feel to it.  Give credit to the Lancers for slowing the game down and limiting the amount of shots Lincoln had.  Omaha held Lincoln under 30 shots on goal for the first time this season (11 straight games).  Also, Omaha outshot the Stars overall  26-22, which was the first time all season that Lincoln was outshot by their opponent.  However, shots on goal really don't mean a whole lot in terms of the quality of chances.  Omaha may have outshot the Stars, but they really didn't generate a lot of high percentage scoring chances.

The Stars were without a number of key players in this game including Richie Coyne, Bob Kinne, Brent Tate, Dominik Shine, Jonathan Grebosky, Brad Hawkinson, and Jared Hanson.

Wins over the Lancers always feel a little better than wins over other USHL teams.  Great atmosphere last night at the IceBox with the sellout crowd.  A total of 4,327 fans were treated to one heck of a game.  Wearing their specially designed pink jerseys which were auctioned off after the game, the Stars raised over $26,000 towards "Making Strides Against Breast Cancer" and the American Cancer Society.

I thought the line of Lettieri-Tiitinen-McCrea was one of the best lines of the weekend, and it shows on the boxscore.  Vinni Lettieri is a special player, and it's a shame he has to go back to Minnesota to play high school hockey.  I think over the weekend Vinni proved he is ready for the USHL.  In two games, Lettieri collected two assists, was +2, and had four shots on goal.  Chad Johnson mentioned after the game last night that they might not have Lettieri in the lineup tonight against Tri-City because he has to travel back to MN today since he has school Monday morning.  There's a good reason why as a 16 year old, Lettieri earned a scholarship offer from the University of Minnesota.  I really like his speed, and puck sense.  He's a special player that hopefully will be with the Stars full-time next season.

As I just mentioned, the Stars will finish up the long weekend with a game tonight against the Tri-City Storm in Kearney, NE.  Faceoff for that matchup will be at 5:05pm.  The Stars and Storm are two teams going in opposite directions.  The Storm have lost six in a row, including three in a row at home.  Lincoln cannot take the Storm for granted tonight.  I know a lot of Stars fans are making the trek west for the game tonight, so I hope to get some good comments from them later.  Unfortunately, I will not be able to go to the game nor listen to it on the radio.  We won't be doing a live chat tonight either.  The radio feed of the game tonight will be internet only, so make sure you click here and listen to the 1480 AM feed online to follow the Stars.

Go Stars!

*Thanks to blog reader "Starstruck" for letting me use the picture you see above.  Great shot of Matt Friese scoring the game winning goal in the third period.  You can click on the picture to enlarge it.


LoudmouthLancer said...

A lot of your fans need to learn how to act. I was never so disrespected in my life until tonight. I was called a F****** P**** numerous times just for cheering on the Lancers tonight. I was also told by some idiots behind me that they were going to skull F*** me. I did absolutely nothing to any of the Lincoln fans nor did I say anything directed towards them. I have no respect for your fans now after the way I was treated. You guys sure have some guts to harass a minor. PATHETIC, just freaking PATHETIC!!!

Yeti said...


Very sorry to hear about your bad experience at the IceBox. Where exactly where your seats? I know a lot of the Stars staff read this blog, so I'm sure they would appreciate knowing where these "fans" were sitting.

Also, once the taunting started, did to go to one of the security guards in the yellow shirts? Did you contact any of the Stars personnel at the ticket office up front?

It sucks that you had a bad experience, but I really hope you don't lump ALL Stars fans into one bad group. I've had some bad experiences at the Civic in Omaha, but that doesn't stop me from coming back because I understand that not all Omaha fans are like that. Last season, a Omaha fan walked by the Lincoln Stars section in between periods, and simply walked by really slow with his middle finger up. He did this twice.

I've seen Storm fans in Kearney threaten to beat up Stars fans in the bathroom. I had a Sioux City fan yell at me in their rink to "Sit down, four eyes!" after I stood up to applaud a Lincoln goal. He yelled a few other things I'd rather not repeat on this blog

It happens. Is it right? Of course not. But you can't generalize and lump us, or any other fans, into one group. My seats are in Section J. We've had numerous Lancers fans sit in that section before with no issues. In fact, I try to go out of my way to talk to Omaha fans sitting in my section, to make them feel welcome. In turn, I'd hope that their good experience at the IceBox would encourage them to do the same to Stars fans who go to the Civic.

Last night, I saw a Lancers fan and his little boy sitting right in the middle of Section K, which can sometimes have the reputation as one of the rowdiest sections at the IceBox. He seemed to be enjoying the game and didn't have any issues. I've seen this same fan before sit in Section K, and he keeps coming back, so he must enjoy sitting around some of the Lincoln fans in that area.

Again, if your experience was that bad, I would hope you contact the Stars front office and tell them exactly what happened. If these so called Lincoln "fans" are season ticket holders, they can be identified and talked to.

Unfortunately, there isn't an idiot screening process when you first enter the IceBox, or at any other USHL rink. These types of "fans" are in every USHL arena. Ignore the small minority of fans who are the idiots, and try to enjoy your experiences in the rinks away from home.

LoudmouthLancer said...

I was sitting in the middle of Section D in row 6 if I remember right. The idiots were 1 row behind me and 3 or 4 rows behind me. I tried to find a staff member to talk to them about what was going on but I couldn't find one that was clearly marked as staff.

I have respect for you Yeti as you seem like a generous Stars fan that doesn't like the crap that goes on. I try my best to stop the idiots we have in Omaha (if you follow the Lancers on Facebook, I am the one who calls them out and tells them to represent the Lancers with pride and dignity rather than acting classless) This wasn't the 1st time I have been harasses at a game against Lincoln. Back at the MAC, I used to sit in the 2nd row in section 209 and was being made fun of by some Lincoln fans, specifically the ones that brought "The Heat Is Off B******" sign. That family has harassed me more than any other Lincoln fans.

If you ever come up to Omaha for a game stop by section 114.

Starsfan96 said...


Damn, that sounds like a pretty terrible experience, sorry it had to play out that way, but like Yeti says, not all fans are like that, i am one of the many stars fans that would get pissed for the same exact reason especially if they are doing it to the opposite teams fans, because even though there may be more fans, there is no excuse to treat the opposing teams fans like shit. After hearing what was posted, i just had to write and say how sorry i am, that is just unneccassary that they would act like that. I hope you would still like to come back to the ice box for many more games against Omaha, and I have also been harrassed by some Kearney Fans, Omaha fans, Sioux City Fans, and by Sioux falls fans, It is quite a terrible experience, I just hope that the next time you do come to Lincoln that you get a section that will treat everybody no matter which team they are for with respect. I have absolute respect for the lancers, hell, I have friends that are lancers fans, I wouldn't want them being treated that way. Once again, sorry, and hope you come back soon.

Starsfan96 said...


I'm sorry for the way our fans treated you, but you got to believe me when I say that not all stars fans are like that, a lot of them are very nice people, I actually have some friends that are lancers fans, and I hate it when people treat them like shit, and I really hope this experience hasn't stopped you from completely staying away from Lincoln, I hope honestly that next time, you get set with a good section of people that wont judge you for wearing the opposing teams colors, once again, I'm sorry, there are definitely a bunch of idiots, but that is because they are stupid enough to get drunk and have way too many beers. I just hope you will reconsider gaining some respect for the fans that didnt treat you like shit.