Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Stars vs. Lancers outdoors in 2013?

In my daily rounds online this morning, I ran across a thread on the MavPuck (UNO ice hockey) message board that I thought was VERY interesting.  Click here to read the thread.

You'll see that the admin of MavPuck stated that the UNO Mavericks hockey team will play an outdoors game sometime in early February of 2013 against the University of North Dakota at the new TD Ameritrade baseball park (pictures to the left), located near downtown Omaha, NE.

The admin of MavPuck also stated that the Omaha Lancers will play on the outdoor rink in the afternoon on the same day of the UNO-UND game.  An opponent for the Lancers hasn't been mentioned, but you would assume the Omaha Lancers organization would want to schedule the Lincoln Stars so that they can attract as many fans as possible to the game. 

A poster on the MavPuck message board has since said that UNO Dean Blais stated at a UNO booster club meeting that the Stars and the Lancers would play at 4:00pm.  February 8th had been mentioned as a possible date, but nothing has been officially released by UNO, UND, or the Lancers.  Until then, take this with a grain of salt.

It's been a few years back, but I remember some talk of an outdoor game between the Stars and the Lancers.  It was just talk back then, and I'm not sure too many hockey fans took it seriously.  We'll have to wait and see if this latest rumor holds true.  Just my opinion, but I really hopes this comes to fruition!  It would be nice if they could play both games on the same day.  Drive up to Omaha and spend the whole day watching outdoor hockey!  Sounds like fun to me (depending on the weather).  I'll keep my ear to the ground and post any new information as it comes up.

Your thoughts?  Would you attend an outdoors game in Omaha?


MacAttack said...

oh hell ya! I'm there! just give me a date and time!

lincolnfan said...

count me in!

Rain said...

We would so be there!

Brandon Anderson said...

hopefully I can shoot this if it happens