Saturday, October 22, 2011

B³ Postgame Recap 10/22: Indiana 1, Lincoln 3

Click here to view the Pointstreak boxscore.

The game was kicked off by a very well done National Anthem. I love when we have a singer or singers for the National Anthem. Tonight's artist was incredible. Tonight's baritone gave a passionate rendition of our nation's song that set the stage for a passionate game of hockey. Our National Anthem singer also gave an additional emphasis on the second "star" in the anthem.

After the puck dropped to start the game, the tempo was high. Lincoln controlled the first five minutes of the game with the puck remaining largely at the south end of the Ice Box.

At a little over a minute into the game there was a nifty center pass to Tommy Schutt that was placed on gal and gloved down my Jon Gillies. The entire game was marked with numerous break aways from both teams that were shut down by solid goaltending. The pace of the game slowed a bit about 3 -4 minutes in the game.

Lincoln had some chances early in the first power play but Indiana dispatched Lincoln's first power play with well timed clears. Lincoln seemed to go on the defensive a bit after the power play was over. The first period ended without a goal but the chippiness that permeated the game seemed to start late in the first period.

The start of the second period found Lincoln down one man. After Lincoln killed their penalty, the game's pushing and shoving seemed to increase until we had the game's only fight between Woody Hudson and Lauwers.

The next two power plays (one for Lincoln and one for Indiana) found neither team getting into a groove. The pace picked up a bit and there was a lot of movement up and down the ice which is great for fans but not conducive to converting on power plays.

At 10:24, Lincoln scored the first goal of the night. After watching Gillies position himself well for the first half of the game, Lincoln was able to move the puck and found Gillies out of position. The puck moved east to west on the north goal from passes by Luke Johnson and Tommy Schutt. As the puck moved just to the outside of the net, Schutt shot backwards across Gillies for the goal. It was a fun goal to watch happen. All Stars' goals are fun to watch but this one was setup well.

The next goal found Indianapolis taking advantage of a power play. The Ice were able to setup their power play and create nice movement. The Ice were able to put some nice shots on goal. In fact, the Ice had a shot ricochet from the cross bar right before they were able to center and place the next one on goal.

Fortunately, Lincoln was able to return the favor in a similar manner. Following a tripping call, Lincoln went on the man advantage at 14:38. Nine seconds later, the Stars scored on a nifty centering pass from Johnson to Ladue.

The second period ended with the Stars ahead 2 -1. The third period started and had some of the feel of the first period with no team gaining an advantage over the other which worked in Lincoln's favor. With time running out, Indianapolis pulled Gillies. When the opposing team pulls the goaltender it is always one of the most exciting and nervous times. Fortunately for Lincoln and their fans it worked as everyone wanted. After a face off, Indianapolis brought the puck towards the net. The puck crossed over the middle and into the stick of Kevin Roy. Roy was able to place the puck easily in an empty net.

Tonight was one of those fun nights at the Ice Box that featured a gritty team win. It was a great atmosphere with the fans being loud and the Stars working hard.

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Yeti said...

First of all I want to thank Mike for the recap article, and officially welcome him to the B³. Mike will be helping BT and myself out with writing some of the articles. I really appreciate having him on board!

Looks like I missed a heck of a game last night. I was watching the boxscore from my phone all night long, and was really happy to see the Stars hold onto the lead and win the game in the third period.

Looking at the boxscore, the Stars shutdown the Indiana Ice's top players, including Daniil Tarasov. Tarasov and Sean Kuraly, Indiana's top two scorers, were both held without any points and were a combined -2. Great effort by all of the players last night to keep that high-flying offense in check.

Really happy to see that Will Suter finally got on the ice last night....wish I could have been there to see it. Will really impressed me back in June at the Stars' tryout camp.

Congrats to the players and coaches for taking down the Ice.

Stars are back in action this Friday night when they will go on the road to face the Cedar Rapids Roughriders. Stars only play one game next weekend. We'll have more on the CR matchup later in the week.

Go Stars!