Saturday, September 17, 2011

B³ Pregame Report - Lincoln Stars vs. Omaha Lancers 9/18

The Lincoln Stars will play their second preseason game in four days on Sunday afternoon when they faceoff against the Omaha Lancers at the Tranquility Moylan IcePlex in Omaha, NE.  The puck will drop at 4:05pm.  Both teams have played one preseason game so far in September, each against the same team.  On 9/16/11, the Lancers lost to the Tri-City Storm in Kearney by a score of 2-1.  On  9/15/11 against the Storm, the Stars were shutout by a score of 2-0.  Exactly one year ago on this very same date, the Stars and Lancers played an exhibition game at the very same rink, and it was the Stars who won that one, 4-3 in OT.  

Unlike this past Thursday, there will not be a video, or audio broadcast of this game at Tranquility IcePlex.   As far as I know, the only way to follow this game if you can't be there is to follow along with the Pointstreak boxscore.  If I'm incorrect with there not being a video or audio broadcast, please let me know. 

Just like last year, the Lancers are not selling tickets to this game ahead of time.  If you want to watch this one in person, you'll have to purchase tickets at the Tranquility IcePlex before the game.  Be aware that the Lancers are only selling 1,000 tickets, and those tickets go on sale at 2:00pm.  Last year, there was some concern that the game might sellout, but that never happened.  However, last year's game was scheduled on a Nebraska football Saturday (brilliant, eh?), so a lot of people were at home watching the football game on TV.  This year the exhibition game is on Sunday, so there might be more people interested in attending.  All tickets cost $7.  Again, seating is limited to 1,000 fans, so I would recommend being there a good hour or two early just to make sure you get your tickets.  Also, remember to dress warm.  Tranquility is very, very cold inside.

The Stars are coming off a 2-0 road loss to the Tri-City Storm this past Thursday night.  I watched the game online, and considering the amount of practices the Stars have had this week, I didn't think they looked that bad at all.  They certainly improved as the game went along, and they dominated play in the third period against the Storm.  It's going to take a little while for this team to gel, which is understandable.  Most USHL teams have been practicing together for weeks now, so the Stars (just like every season) are behind the curve.  
I know a lot of Stars fans are planning on attending this game in Omaha on Sunday, so I hope to get game reports from some of them.  I recently blew out my left knee, so I will be off of my feet for awhile.  Because of that, I will not be attending this game, nor any of the Fall Classic games.  More than ever, I will be leaning on some of the blog readers to help out and provide us with their thoughts and opinions from these upcoming exhibition games.

Thanks for reading!  Go Stars.


lincolnfan said...

it will be interesting to see how the Stars do in this game. i agree, considering they hadn't practiced much at all prior to the Tri-City preseason game, they actually played quite well. the preseason games are interesting to watch at least, and definitely beneficial to the coaches to evaluate talent before the actual season begins.

sorry to hear about your knee, Yeti. wishing you a quick recovery .. hope you're able to make it to the home opener!

Yeti said...

Thanks, lincolnfan. Regardless of how bad I'm feeling, I'll be at the home opener. Wouldn't miss it for the world.