Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Lincoln Stars announce preseason schedule

Along with the news of AM 1480 being the home of Lincoln Stars hockey once against next season , the organization today released some information about two preseason games the team will play in September, before the USHL Fall Classic. 

Click here to read the official release from the Stars.  Here's an excerpt:

The Lincoln Stars have announced their preseason schedule which includes two games leading up to the USHL Fall Classic in Sioux City:

Thursday, September 15th:  Stars vs. the Tri City Storm at the Viaero Event Center in Kearney.  Tickets go on sale Friday, August 26th, and can be purchased by calling the Storm ticket office at (308) 338-8011.  Tickets will be $10.00 for adults and $5.00 for youth (12 & under), students, seniors and military.  Game time is scheduled for 7:05pm.

Sunday, September 18th:  Stars vs. the Omaha Lancers at Moylan Ice Plex in Omaha (12550 West Maple Road).  No advance tickets will be sold.  All tickets for the game will be $7.00.  All tickets will be general admission and seating is limited to 1,000 patrons.  Tickets will only be sold the day of the game and no advance ticket orders will be accepted.  Cash payment is required for all purchases.  Ticket sales will begin at 2:00pm with doors to the arena opening at 3:00pm.  Game time is scheduled for 4:05pm.

Exact same preseason schedule as last year.  Two games, both on the road, both against in-state rivals:  Tri-City, and Omaha.  I guess we should be happy that the Stars will be playing two preseason games relatively close to Lincoln in September before the USHL Fall Classic, but it would be nice one of these years to have a home preseason game at the IceBox.  I'd have to go back and do some research, but I believe it's been about three to four years since the Stars have hosted a preseason game at the IceBox. 

Last week on 104.1 The Blaze, Chad Johnson mentioned that all of the players will report on September 11th to begin practice, and that by September 16th, ice should be down at the IceBox.  Looking at the schedule above, it appears that the Stars could be playing a preseason game against Tri-City before they get a chance to practice as a team on the ice at the IceBox.

I could be incorrect, but it seems like the Stars are later than any other team in the USHL in terms of beginning practice, and putting ice down in their home rink.  In my daily rounds on the internet at different USHL message boards and blogs, I've run across info that most if not all USHL teams are beginning practice earlier than September 11th.

Maybe it's just me, but does anyone else think that the late start to both practice and ice being put down be contributed to the lackluster regular season starts the Stars are notorious for?


lincolnfan said...

there was a preseason game against Tri-City two years ago, at the beginning of the 2009-2010 season at the Ice Box, i remember. i'm not sure why, but the Stars organization seems kind of against the idea of preseason games at the Ice Box.. maybe because they don't draw well? i know one year they had some sort of scrimmage deal that fans were invited to go watch. anyway, yeah, i think it's safe to say that the Stars tend to start out the season slower than other teams because they practice less before the season begins. however, i think if they started too much earlier they would get burned out even more at the end of the season and not finish as well. with the State Fair moved out of Lincoln, i thought maybe they could put the ice down sooner, however, i seem to remember someone saying something about a contract the Stars were under that they couldn't put the ice down before a certain date, even though the Ice Box is being used for nothing else. perhaps someone else knows? also, is it safe to assume Stars will find another rink, up in Omaha or something, to practice at before the pre-season games? i can't imagine them playing a game without even practicing a couple times.

starsfan said...

Good points. The Stars practice in Omaha and sometimes Fremont. Not always as a team-sometimes just a few guys. I've heard they wait til the last second to put the ice in because the building wasn't made to handle the hot humid weather. Also heard they couldn't put ice down til after the state fair which should have changed when UNL took over. Just one more week til the high schoolers get here!!

BellTolls said...

I agree, Yeti, and those are precious points lost come the end of the season. We started off 1-4 last year against three of the four worst teams in the league. If we go 4-1 (against Tri-City, Waterloo and Youngstown, very reasonable) in that stretch, we finish 2nd in the West and earn a bye and then home ice.