Tuesday, July 26, 2011

USHL releases 2011-12 regular season schedule

It's finally here!

After weeks of waiting, the USHL released the 2011-12 regular season schedule today.  It seems like every year the schedule release date comes later and later, and like last season, it appears that the delay this year was due to a few teams who would not agree to the draft at hand.  You can't please everyone, although it's understandable that teams want more home games on the weekend, and not during the week.

Click here to see the 2011-12 season schedule for the Lincoln Stars.

Also, there is news that a couple of teams have switched conferences.  The Waterloo Blackhawks will play next season in the Western Conference of the USHL, while the Dubuque Fighting Saints will play in the Eastern Conference.  Actually, this has been known for a few weeks now, as the Pointstreak USHL page shows Waterloo in the West, and Dubuque in the East.

The Lincoln Stars will open the 2011-12 regular season at home on September 30th against the Sioux Falls Stampede.  Looking forward to that game at the IceBox already.  Only two months away!

Here are some highlights of the Stars' season schedule:

  • In the first half of the season (30 games), the Stars will play 13 games at home, and 17 games on the road.  

  • In the second half of the season (30 games), the Stars will play 17 games at home and 13 games on the road.

  • No Halloween or New Year's Eve home game in Lincoln this season.  The Stars will be on the road on 12/31/11 in Sioux City against the Musketeers.

  • The Stars will play at home on St. Patrick's Day in 2012 on Saturday, March 17th against the Des Moines Buccaneers.

  • The Stars will play at home on Wednesday, November 23rd (the day before Thanksgiving) against the Tri-City Storm.  The Stars will travel to Sioux Falls to take on the Stampede on the Saturday after Thanksgiving (11/25), and then on to Kearney, NE to take on the Tri-City Storm on the Sunday following Thanksgiving (11/26).

  • The Stars will play three weekday (not counting Friday) games at home, all against the Tri-City Storm:  Wednesday 11/23/10; Tuesday 1/17/12; and Tuesday 2/21/12.

  • Of the final 9 games in the regular season, the Stars play 6 of those at home at the IceBox.

  • The longest home-stand at the IceBox is only 4 games (occurs twice during the season).

  • The longest road swing for the Stars is 6 games (all in December).

  • 6 of the first 9 games of the season will be played at the IceBox.

  • Lincoln only has two times during the regular season where they will play three games in three nights: November 11, 12, 13, and December 9, 10, 11.

  • The Stars will play 50 games against Western Conference opponents, and only 10 games against Eastern Conference opponents.

  • Okay, I'd like to hear from you now. Your thoughts on the new schedule?  Start planning those road trips!  Hopefully soon the USHL will release the game schedule for the 2011 Fall Classic which will be held from September 21-24 in Sioux City, Iowa.


    Yeti said...

    Here's the breakdown on how many times the Stars will play all of the other teams in the USHL:

    Fargo: 8 times (4 home, 4 road)
    Sioux Falls: 8 times
    Sioux City: 8 times
    Fargo: 8 times
    Omaha: 8 times
    Des Moines: 6 times (3 home, 3 road)
    Waterloo: 4 times (2 home, 2 road)

    Dubuque: 2 times (1 home, 1 road)
    Cedar Rapids: 2 times
    Chicago: 1 time (home)
    Youngstown: 1 time (home)
    Indiana: 1 time (home)
    Muskegon: 1 time (away)
    Team USA: 1 time (away)
    Green Bay: 1 time (away)

    I think it really sucks that the Stars will play six teams only once this next season. We will not be able to see Muskegon, Team USA, or Green Bay play at the IceBox either.

    You can't make everyone happy. I just wish we could play more games against some of the eastern conference opponents.

    BellTolls said...

    Glad that Dubuque is out of the West though.

    starsfan said...

    So how is it that the SC Musketeers have their fall classic games listed but no one else does? Is it a big secret or do they get to automatically choose when they play for hosting the tournament?

    Yeti said...

    Good question, starsfan. I wasn't aware that the Muskies had announced when their FC games were. It'd be nice to know when Lincoln plays. I know of a lot of people (including myself) who are waiting to take vacation time from work to plan a trip up there. I don't understand why there is such secrecy about stuff like this.

    starsfan said...

    Looks like your tweet worked Yeti. The fall classic schedule is up on he USHL website now under the around the net section

    lincolnfan said...

    i haven't studied the schedule that much, but just looking it over, i think this year's schedule looks a lot more appealing than some previous year's schedules, particularly last year's schedule. i like that we are able to start the season at home, and it seems like the home games are more evenly distributed. i know in some years, we were on the road so much in the first half, then we had tons of games in January and February. i like that they are spread out more throughout the year. will be interesting to see how the Stars game on November 5th draws with a Husker home game that day... i suppose if the Husker game is early in the day around 11 a.m., there won't be much of an issue. interesting that our first three games are all at home, and 8 of our first 12 games are at home. and we don't play two games in a row till the third week of the season... if anything, i think that will definitely work to our advantage, since we generally seem to start off the season kind of slow. will be nice to not have to go on the road for a while, and not have to play tons of games early on. Yeti, you study the schedules a lot better than i do, but just looking over Lincoln's schedule, i don't see really any major scheduling flaws... like having to play Youngstown on a Friday night, and then play Des Moines at 3:00 p.m. Saturday afternoon... ok, maybe i'm exaggerating, but you know how the USHL can schedule games like that. haha. it's also nice we only have to play three games in a row twice this season. that is definitely hard on the players when they have to travel and play so many games in such a short amount of time. as far as road trips go, i would love to make a trip up to Fargo and see a game up there. i've heard great things about that arena and the fans up there. the weekend of Nov. 18/19 could be a great time to do that, since we play two games in a row up there. anyway, nice to finally have the schedule out!

    Hey Hey Whadda Ya Say said...

    Yeti...in your game break down, you've listed Fargo twice and omitted Tri-City. other than that...great write up

    and as always...
    Let's Go STARS !!!

    Yeti said...

    You are correct, HHWYS. Forgot all about TC. My bad.