Monday, July 4, 2011

Lincoln Stars release protected roster and affiliate list

Well, this was a pleasant surprise.  I just finished writing an article for the blog detailing a few odds and ends, and I see the Stars have now released the protected roster.  Click here to read the release from the official Stars website.  I'm going to list all of the players below, and then I'll give my opinions after that.  I'd like to hear what you think, so please leave a comment, or you can send me an email at  Here we go!

25-player protected roster:
G - Lukas Hafner ('92)
G - Charles Williams ('92)
G - Jackson Teichroeb ('92)
D - Dax Lauwers ('91 - overager)
D - Richard Coyne ('91 - overager)
D - Cole Martin ('94)
D - Zach Frye ('94)
D - Brandon Carlson ('92)
D - Mike McKee ('93)
D - Colton Saucerman ('92)
D - Paul Ladue ('92)
F - Brent Tate ('91 - overager)
F - Dominik Shine ('93)
F - Jared Hanson ('93)
F - Teemu Tiitinen ('92)
F - Austin Hervey ('92)
F - Zach Aston-Reese ('94)
F - Matt Friese ('92)
F - Ryan Cole ('92)
F - Kevin Roy ('92)
F - Luke Johnson ('94)
F - Bob Kinne ('92)
F - Logan Smith ('92)
F - Brent Wold ('93)
F - Jonathan Grebosky ('93)

14-player affiliate roster:
F - Tommy Schutt ('93)
D - Vincent Muto ('93)
D - Derek O'Flynn ('94)
F - David Parrottino ('94)
F - Trevor Cope ('94)
D - Justin Woods ('94)
F - Max Coatta ('94)
F - Brad Hawkinson ('94)
F - Max Humitz ('95)
F - Vinni Lettieri ('95)
F - Sean Malone ('95)
D - Stuart Pomeroy ('95)
D - Parker Reno ('95)
F - Alex Schoenborn ('95)

Well, it's about how I thought it would look....minus a few "surprises".  First surprise is that the Stars appear to be taking three goaltenders (Hafner, Williams, Teichroeb) to the Fall Classic tournament in September.  I can't remember the last time the Stars have done that.  I assume sometime after the Fall Classic, and before the regular season starts, one of those goaltenders will get cut.

Second surprise is that forward Will Suter was not protected.  Personally, I thought Suter was one of the top forwards at camp.  Defenseman Kyle Halladay was another non-draft pick who impressed me at camp who also did not make the protected list.

I see that the Stars have protected defenseman Mike McKee, so hopefully they know something I don't know in regards to where he plans on playing next season.  The talented "man child" from New Market, Ontario, Canada has a few options next season as to where he'll play hockey.  It could be back at Kent prep school, in the USHL with the Stars, or in the OHL with the Ottawa 67's.

I believe the only name listed above that I didn't have on my roster predictions blog post is forward Jonathan Grebosky.  Grebosky was a player I noticed a bunch during camp, so it's not that big of a surprise to see his name on the protected roster.  Missing from the names above is entry draft pick defenseman Matt Purmal ('94), which is a big surprise in my opinion.  I thought Purmal was a lock to at least make the affiliate list.  He had a great camp, and was a youngster I thought the Stars might take a shot on next season for the final roster.  Not sure why Purmal was not protected.

The Stars likely moved some players they think have a good shot at making the final roster next season to their affiliate list to be able to protect them, so I wouldn't be too concerned about a certain player being on the affiliate list.  I have a good feeling that some of those players listed above on the affiliate list will be playing in Lincoln next season.  Each USHL team has to shuffle players around to either of the two rosters to be able to protect them from other USHL clubs.  Lincoln will likely bring close to 30 players to the Fall Classic tournament in Sioux City in September, so more than just the 25 players listed above will get their opportunity to impress the coaches one more time.  After the Fall Classic, the Stars will cut down to 23 players, and that group of 23 will start the 2011-12 regular season.

Thoughts on the roster?  Are there any names you expected to see protected that weren't?  Anyone you are particularly excited to see next season?  Which two goaltenders make the final roster?  


Crazy Carl said...

I may be mistaken (because it was awhile back), but i seem to remember Steve Johnson having 3 goalies. I remember there being seasons where we had 2 guys rotate for the majority of the season and still having a 3rd one scratched. I only remember this because of all the people I heard complaining about "wasting" a spot on the team for a 3rd goalie, and that rotating tenders so long in the season prevented a "starter" from getting the ice time. Like I said, it was awhile back and I was younger and didn't pay as good of attention back then. But I'm pretty sure I remember 3 goalies. Anybody else remember this, or am I crazy?

Layla said...

Yeah, back in the day before Tier 1 we did carry 3 goalies, but that was also when you were allowed 25 players. I think there might have been few other teams that had 3, but that I'm not sure on.