Tuesday, July 12, 2011

25-player roster....by the numbers

Over on the Sioux City Musketeers blog, the folks there have broke down their 25-player protected roster in a way that I thought was very unique, so I'm stealing borrowing the idea here.  I thought it was a fun, and different way to look at the players recently protected on the Stars' 25 man roster.  I put this together quickly today, so hopefully there aren't too many errors.

Like the folks on the SC blog mentioned, this list is subject to change, due to the fluidity of the protected roster.  The information below it based on the roster as it looks right now.

Points by returners: 134
Goals by returners: 49
Points by returners heading into last year: 143
Number of players with 5 games of USHL experience: 16
Number of players with 5 games of USHL heading into last year: 12
Players who were drafted by the Stars: 16
Undrafted players who made list out of camp: 3
Undrafted players acquired by trade or waivers: 6

Drafted players broken down by year:
2011 Entry Draft: 6 (Friese, Cole, Roy, Kinne, Smith, Wold)
2011 Futures Draft: 0 

2010 Entry Draft: 4 (Hervey, Hafner, Ladue, McKee)
2010 Futures Draft: 3 (Johnson, Frye, Martin)
2009 Entry Draft: 2 (Tate, Lauwers)
2009 Futures Draft: 1 (Shine)

Current players who are imports: Teichroeb, McKee, Roy, Wold (all from Canada)

Broken down by year:
1991: Tate, Coyne, Lauwers
1992: Hafner, Williams, Teichroeb, Carlson, Saucerman, Ladue, Tiitinen, Hervey, Friese, Cole, Roy, Kinne, Smith
1993: McKee, Shine, Hanson, Wold, Grebosky
1994: Martin, Frye, Aston-Reese, Johnson

By State:
Alaska: 4

Michigan: 4
Colorado: 2
North Dakota: 2
Arizona: 1
California: 1
Georgia: 1
Minnesota: 1
New York: 1

Ohio: 1
Pennsylvania: 1
Texas: 1
Washington: 1

By Country:
U.S.A.: 21
Canada: 4

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nutz4puckz said...

That is an interesting way to look at that. Looks like there is a little more experience back, so maybe that will translate into a good solid start to the season.