Wednesday, June 15, 2011

2011 Tryout Camp Review and other notes

Before I start with this review, I want to mention that I will be posting a bunch of pictures from the two tryout all-star games later this evening, thanks to a friend of the blog.  So stay tuned for that.

First of all, I want to thank the Lincoln Stars organization for a very successful camp, and for making roster sheets available for everyone.  From my perspective, I thought the camp was run extremely well, and I heard from a number of player parents there who said the same thing.  I know the majority of our fans will not like this, but I really hope the Stars host the 2012 tryout camp again at Ridder Arena in Minneapolis.  There is no doubt in my mind that the high turnout of invited players was due to the fact that the camp was held in Minneapolis, on the campus of the University of Minnesota.  Just about every player parent I talked to at camp stated that they thought it was a great idea to hold the camp at Ridder Arena, and the facilities there on campus were top-notch.  

A few parents even said that they might not have brought their sons to a camp in Omaha, NE because it was further away, or just not as easy to drive/fly into compared to Minneapolis.  In my opinion, the camp was a home run.  All of the parents I talked to were very impressed the amount of talent on the ice, and as one parent told me, "You could fill two, maybe three USHL teams with the talent that is here at this camp."  That says a lot about how successful the camp was, in my opinion.  I'm not sure what the Stars' plans are for the tryout camp next year, but I really hope they consider going back to Minneapolis and Ridder Arena.

So what's next?  Well, the Lincoln Stars (and every other USHL team) have until July 1st to firm up their 25-player protected roster, and send it in to the league.  The Stars will have a 25-player protected list, and also a list of 10-15 players on their affiliate list.  Players on the affiliate list can be called up to play for the Stars at any point in the regular season.  To understand it a little better, click here to view the protected roster the Stars released after the 2010 camp last year.  I'm not 100% sure, but I believe any player protected on the affiliate list has to have been previously drafted by the Stars (i.e., no free agents).  As you can see from the link above, the Stars protected a group of 25 players, along with 13 players on their affiliate list in 2010.

While some other USHL teams will release their protected roster before the 7/1 deadline (I believe the Cedar Rapids Roughriders released theirs recently), I doubt we'll see anything released from the Stars until late June, or early July.  I've already heard of a few players who made the roster, but until the Stars put out an official release, I won't be posting any rumors here.  As soon as the Stars make it official, I will post it here.

The Stars will take those 25 protected players, along with some of the affiliate players, to the USHL Fall Classic tournament, which is held in Sioux City, Iowa from September 21st-24th.  After the Fall Classic, the Stars will have to cut down to 23 players, and those players will be on the roster on opening night of the 2011-12 USHL regular season.  So between now and early October, there could still be a lot of roster-shuffling done.

Speaking of early July, at that time the USHL should release the 2011-12 regular season schedule.  It's always interesting to look over the new schedule when that's released.  I guess I should note that it's usually in early July when the schedule is released.  Last year, because the league decided to split into three divisions, yet continue to use two conferences (very confusing), there were a lot of problems with getting teams to agree to the final schedule.  So because of that, it wasn't until late July before it was officially released.  Hopefully that process goes a bit smoother this year.  Also in July, the USHL will release the game schedule for the 2011 Fall Classic tournament in Sioux City.

If I missed anything, or I got anything wrong, please leave a blog comment or send me an email at

Edit:  By the way, we set a new blog record for website hits in one day with 1,027 on Sunday, June 12th.  The 1,027 total beat the old record of 955 which was set last year during the 2010 tryout camp.  Thanks to everyone who contributed to the new record!  I appreciate your patronage on this blog!

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Thanks for the update and also the reporting from last weekend. Sounds like that was a lot of fun and looking forward to seeing the list of 25.