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2011 Lincoln Stars Tryout Camp - Day Three (Evening)

The last three scrimmages of the tryout camp before the all-star games wrapped up late Saturday night at Ridder Arena in Minneapolis.  I apologize for not getting this up last night.  By the time I got back to my hotel around 11:00pm, I had a massive headache and was super tired, so I went right to bed.  The camp will conclude today with two all-star games. The players were told last night if they made one of the two all-star games.  I'm not exactly sure how the coaches will roster the two games, but I heard through the grapevine last night that the first all-star game might be the younger players who are on the bubble, while the later all-star game will be the older players, and those who have a better shot at making the roster next season.

Scrimmage #13:  Team Red (1-3) vs. Team Black (0-4)
This game ended abruptly after each team was tied up at 3-3 after regulation.  The teams went back and forth in a shootout, but the game was called because the coaches wanted to talk to all of the players on the ice.  So I suppose we'll call this scrimmage a tie.  Red finished the camp with a 1-3-1 record, while Black finished 0-4-1.  When you look at the rosters, Team Black has more draft picks and returning Stars than any other team at camp, yet they finished without a win.  I thought that was interesting.  Anyway, scoring goals for red was (F) Matt Friese, (F) Ryan Cole, and (F) David Parrontino.  Team Black had goals in regulation from (F) Max Birkinbine, (F) Bob Kinne, and (F) Matt Serratore.  In the shootout, Red had goals from (F) Ryan Cole, and (F) Jordan Bocher-Gould, while Black had goals from (F) Jordan Aamot, and (F) Tommy Schutt.

Red goaltender Trevor Gutierrez started the first half of the scrimmage and gave up one goal.  Blue goaltender Chris Funkey played the second half for Team Red and gave up two goals.  Black goaltender Adam Aikens started the first half and gave up one goal.  Black goaltender Michael Taffe started the second half and gave up two goals.  Both Funkey and Taffe gave up two shootout goals against seven shooters.  There were no fights in this scrimmage.

Players from Red who impressed me were (F) Ryan Cole, (D) Mike McKee, (F) Jared Hanson, (F) Matt Friese, and (F) Logan Lemirande.  Players from Black who stood out to me were (F) Brent Wold, (F) Luke Johnson, (F) Bob Kinne, and (F) Matt Volonnino.  My team MVP from Red goes to forward Matt Friese.  Friese worked really well with linemates Jared Hanson and Ryan Cole.  In fact, you could give the MVP from Red to either one of those three players.  They all played extremely well together.  My team MVP from Black goes to (F) Bob Kinne.  Kinne is one of those players who always seems to end up around the puck.  I thought he worked really well with working the puck along the boards.

Scrimmage #14:  Team Royal (4-0) vs. Team Yellow (1-3)
Royal finished the tryout camp undefeated with a 1-0 shutout win over Yellow.  Royal finished with a 5-0 record, while Yellow finished 1-4.  The only goal scored in this game came from Blue forward Tyler Drevitch from a very nice pass from forward Sean Malone.  Royal goaltenders Lukas Hafner and Chris Funkey combined to pitch the shutout.  Yellow goaltender Alex Glockner started the first half of the scrimmage and gave up one goal.  Red goaltender Charles Williams came in and played the second half for Team Yellow, and he did not give up any goals.  Williams played a total of 125 minutes during the tryout camp, and only gave up one goal.  He's another goaltender here who has looked very, very good.

Players from Royal who stood out to me were (F) Mac Olson, (F) Max Humitz, (D) Chris Knudson, (F) Brent Lafayette, (D) Justin Woods, and (D) Ji Young Li.  Players from Yellow who impressed me were (D) Derek O'Flynn, (F) Johno May, (D) Dan Sakalian, and (F) Joe Gannett.  My team MVP from Royal goes to forward Mac Olson.  Olson is a smaller, shifty forward who has a motor that won't quit.  Very impressed with his play the past couple of days.  My team MVP from Yellow went to goaltender Charles Williams.  Technically, Williams is on the Red team but he played in the second half of this particular scrimmage and looked very good.  Williams had a heck of a season last year in the NAHL, and I think he has a very good shot at making this team.

Scrimmage #15:  Team Grey (3-1) vs. Team White (3-1)
In the final scrimmage before the all-star game, it was Team Grey who took this game in a shootout by a score of 4-3 over Team White.  Grey finished the camp with a 4-1 record, while White fell to 3-2.  Scoring goals in regulation from Grey was (F) Will Suter (two goals-one was a penalty shot), and (F) Michael Crowley (another penalty shot).  Scoring regulation goals from White was (F) Ivo Crhak, (D) Geoffrey Fortman (penalty shot), and (F) Chris Wilkie.  The referee's in this game had the players take penalty shots if there was a penalty severe enough for them to call.  Throughout these scrimmages, the refs have let the players get away with a lot more than they could in a typical USHL game setting.  When a penalty is severe enough in their opinion, some refs would put a team on the powerplay, while others gave out penalty shots.  It all depended on who was reffing the game.

Grey goaltender Joakim Jutras started the first half of the scrimmage, and gave up one goal.  Jutras, like Charles Williams, played 125 minutes of the camp and only surrendered one regulation goal.  Grey goaltender Jim Kruger started the second half of the game and gave up two goals.  White goaltender Ty Marble started the first half of the game and gave up one goal.  White goaltender Tim Shaughnessy started the second half and gave up two goals.  In the shootout, Grey had goals from (F) Eric Purcell, (F) Will Suter (amazing spinorama shootout goal that had the crowd cheering), and (F) Trevor Cope.  White had shootout goals from (D) Brandon Carlson, and (D) Geoffrey Fortman.

Players from Grey who stood out to me were (F) Austin Hervey, (F) Eric Purcell, (F) Will Suter, and (F) #18 (not listed on roster).  Players from White who impressed me were (F) Brandon Bistodeau, (D) Brandon Carlson, (F) Ivo Crhak, and (F) Michael Cimba.  My team MVP from Grey goes to forward Will Suter who had two regulation goals, and a beautiful shootout goal.  Suter is a name some Stars fans might be familiar with.  The native of Omaha, NE played two games for the Stars in the 2009-10 season.  Last year, Suter played 10 games with the Sioux City Musketeers before being sent down to the Wichita Falls Wildcats of the NAHL.  My team MVP from White goes to defenseman Brandon Carlson.  Carlson is a guy who plays with an edge, and is an all-around steady d-man.  In my opinion, I think he's a lock to make the roster next season.

Well, time to get ready for the two all-star games today.  Immediately after the last all-star game, I will be driving back to Lincoln, so it won't be until late, late tonight before I can update the blog with the results of the two all-star games.  I will try to update the B³ Twitter page during the two games, so you can follow me there.    If there are any roster surprises with the all-star game, I'll note them on the Twitter page also.  Thanks again for reading!

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