Saturday, June 11, 2011

2011 Lincoln Stars Tryout Camp - Day Three (Morning)

It was a beautiful, sunny Minneapolis morning which welcomed day three of the 2011 Lincoln Stars tryout camp.  As usual, the folks in attendance at Ridder Arena this morning were treated to some very good hockey.  Compared to the last couple of days, there were a LOT more college coaches and scouts in attendance today.  In fact, there were just as many scout and coaches watching the scrimmages this morning than there were fans and player parents.  I forgot to mention this previously, but all of the Lincoln coaches (Chad Johnson, Jimmy McGroarty, Andy Schneider) are here.  Former player Josh Berge is also here helping out.

Scrimmage #10:  Team Yellow (1-2) vs. Team Red (0-3)
After only scoring two goals in their previous three scrimmages, Team Red finally woke up offensively with a big 6-3 win over Team Yellow.  Team Red improved to 1-3, while Yellow fell to 1-3.  Scoring goals for Red was (F) Jessse Neher (two goals), (F) Logan Lemirande, (F) Jared Hanson, (F) Kevin Roy, and (D) Colten Saucerman (empty netter).  Scoring goals for Yellow was (F) Ian McGilvrey, (F) Kevin Loppatto, and (D) Derek O'Flynn.  Red goaltender Charles Williams started the first half of the scrimmage and gave up one goal.  The goal against by Williams was his first in four games.  Red goaltender Trevor Gutierrez started the second half and gave up two goals.  Yellow goaltender Pheonix Copley started the first half and surrendered two goals.  Yellow netminder Alex Glockner started the second half and gave up three goals.  There were no fights in this game.

Players from Red who stood out to me were (F) Jared Hanson, (F) Jordan Bocher-Gould, (F) David Parrontino, (D) Colten Saucerman, (F) Matt Friese, and (D) Parker Reno.  Players from Yellow who impressed me were (F) Ian McGilvrey, (D) Derek O'Flynn, and (F) Garrett Cox.  My team MVP from Red was forward Jared Hanson.  With a year of USHL experience under his belt, Jared looks very comfortable and confident on the ice.  He's always moving his feet, and was involved in a bunch of offensive chances.  Team MVP from Yellow went to forward Ian McGilvrey.  McGilvrey tried out for the Stars last season, but didn't make the team.  He's under-sized at 5'9", 170 pounds, but he plays a lot bigger than his size.  Very quick feet also.

Scrimmage #11:  Team Royal (3-0) vs. Team Grey (3-0)
This turned out to be the game of the tryouts so far, as both undefeated teams battled back and forth until Team Royal won it in a shootout by a score of 2-1.  Royal's lone regulation goal came from (F) Teemu Tiitinen.  Grey's lone regulation goal came from (F) Eric Purcell.  In the shootout, Team Grey got a goal from (F) Eric Purcell, while Team Royal had goals from (F) Mac Olson, and (D) Vincent Muto (game winning shootout goal).  Royal goaltender Lukas Hafner started the first half of the scrimmage and did not give up any goals.  Blue goaltender Chris Funkey was not on the ice this morning (not sure why), so Yellow goaltender Alex Glockner took his place and played the second half of the scrimmage for Team Royal.  Glockner gave up one goal in the second half.  Grey goaltender Jim Kruger started the first half and gave up one goal.  Grey goaltender Joakim Jutras started the second half and gave up zero goals in regulation, but surrendered two goals against five attempts in the shootout.  In 100 regulation minutes, Jutras has not given up any goals.  There were no fights in this game.

Players from Royal who stood out in my opinion were (D) Chris Knudson, (F) Teemu Tiitinen, (F) Brent Lafayette, (G) Lukas Hafner, (D) Vincent Muto, and (2) Justin Woods.  Players from Grey who impressed me were (F) Trevor Cope, (F) Matt Sanford, (D) Matt Purmal, (F) Eric Purcell, and (F) Austin Hervey.  My team MVP from Royal was goaltender Lukas Hafner who gets better each time I have seen him in the tryouts.  Team MVP from Grey goes to another goaltender, Joakim Jutras.  I love watching this kid play.  He's very, very small, but he very steady between the pipes and made even more highlight reel saves this morning.  The coaches are going to have a hard time picking goaltenders from this camp, as I have seen a TON of quality play from guys like Lukas Hafner, Joakim Jutras, Jim Kruger, and Charles Williams.

Scrimmage #12:  Team White (2-1) vs. Team Black (0-3)
Team Black tried to break out of their winless streak, but it was Team White who won this game in a shootout by a score of 3-2.  White improved to 3-1, while Black fell to 0-4.  Scoring goals in regulation for White was (F) Ivo Crhak, and (F) Roman Uchyyn.  Scoring goals in regulation for Black was (F) Luke Johnson, and (F) Alex Schoenborn (great top shelf snipe).  In fact, I was sitting in front of a number of college coaches and scouts, and they all ooohed and aaahed when Schoenborn ripped a glove high wrister into the net.  In the shootout, the only player to score for either team was White forward #19 (not on roster-have no idea who he is).  White goaltender Tim Shaughnessy started the first half of the game and gave up one goal.  White goaltender Ty Marble started the second half and gave up two goals.  Marble did not give up any goals against three shootout attempts.  Black goaltender Michael Taffe started the first half and surrendered one goal.  Black goaltender Adam Aikens started the second half and gave up one goal also.  Aikens faced three shootout attempts and saved two of them.  There were no fights in this game.

Players from White who stood out in my opinion were (F) Roman Uchyyn, (F) Scott Howe, (F) Ivo Crhak, (D) Brandon Carlson, and (D) Geoffrey Fortman.  Players from Black who impressed me this morning were (D) Paul Ladue, (D) Justin Lutsch, (F) Matt Volonnino, and (D) Alexey Solovyev.  My team MVP from White goes to forward Roman Uchyyn.  Uchyyn and linemate Ivo Crhak (have fun pronouncing those two names) seemed to work really well with one another.  My team MVP from Black goes to defesnseman Paul Ladue.  A good defenseman can get his job done quietly, and that's what Ladue does.  He has a very good first pass out of the defensive zone also.

The evening session today starts at 6:30pm tonight, so I will be there once again to follow the last three scrimmages of the tryouts before the two all-star games tomorrow.  The last scrimmage tonight is scheduled to last until 10:15pm, so it will be very late tonight before I have that recap up on the blog.  Thanks again for reading my rambling thoughts!  

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