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2011 Lincoln Stars Tryout Camp - Day Two (Afternoon)

The afternoon session of day two of the 2011 Lincoln Stars tryout camp started promptly at 3:00pm today.  I will again recap the three scrimmages below.  I know I sound like a broken record, but I have been really impressed with what I have seen so far from a lot of the players at camp.  I can't imagine the incredibly hard decisions the coaches will have to make here in a few days.  I chatted with a few player parents this afternoon about how many talented kids are here, all fighting for a few spots on the roster.  These parents were amazed at the quality of hockey on display.  I think the Stars really hit a home run this year with holding the camp in Minneapolis, which is much more convenient for players and their parents to travel to.  Heard that today from a number of parents.

I did notice that the scrimmages today had a little bit of a quicker pace compared to yesterday.  I think a lot of the players are getting their legs back, and adjusting to the speed of the game.  With these tryouts, you see some selfish hockey, which is somewhat understandable considering that these players think they have to do it all themselves to impress the coaches.  You see a lot of contested shots on goal when the player could have easily passed it to a wide open teammate.  You see some forwards not back-checking after making a rush up the ice, as they float back into the neutral zone.  I notice that kind of lazy play, so I know the coaches and scouts in attendance notice it also.  Having said that, you do see a lot of hustle from most of the kids.  Considering the amount of games packed into three-four days, these players are putting their bodies through a lot.  Okay, enough of my rambling.  On to the recaps.

Scrimmage #7:  Team Black (0-3) vs. Team Grey (2-0)
Team Grey came into this game with a 2-0 record, and they kept that winning streak intact with an impressive 4-0 shutout win over Team Black.  With the loss, Black fell to 0-3.  It was the second straight shutout win for Grey.  Through three scrimmage games, Team Grey has only surrendered one goal.  Scoring goals for Grey was (F) Michael Crowley (2 goals), (D) Beau Browning, and (F) Eric Purcell.  I'm not 100% that Browning scored his goal, as it may have deflected off of Crowley, and if that happened, Crowley would have the hat trick.  Black goaltender Adam Aikens started the first half of the scrimmage and gave up 2 goals.  Black netminder Michael Taffe started the second half and also surrendered 2 goals.  Grey goaltenders Joakim Jutras and Jim Kruger combined for the shutout.  Through three games, Jutras has not given up any goals, and Kruger has only given up one goal.  I know this is only tryouts, but these two goaltenders on Team Grey have looked very, very good.  There were no fights in this scrimmage.

Players from Team Black who stood out in my opinion were (F) Jordan Aamot, (F) #17 (not listed on roster), (D) Alexey Solovyev, (F) Shane Omdahl, and (F) Bob Kinne.  Players from Team Grey who impressed me (F) Vinnie Lettieri, (F) Max Coatta, (D) Ben Maenner, (F) CJ Geeza, and (F) Austin Hervey.  My team MVP from Black was forward Jordan Aamot, who forechecked very well and created numerous offensive chances.  My team MVP of Team Grey was goaltender Joakim Jutrus.  The undersized (5'8", 145 pounds) native of Quebec, Canada made a number of highlight reel saves to keep Grey's shutout streak intact.

Scrimmage #8:  Team Royal (2-0) vs. Team Red (0-2)
Like Team Grey, the Team Royal squad came into this game undefeated with a 2-0 record, and they also continued their win streak with a 2-0 shutout win over Team Red.  Through three games, Team Red has only scored two goals, as they fell to 0-3.  Scoring for Royal was (F) Johan Sjoden, and (F) Brent Lafayette.  I'm not 100% that Lafayette scoring the second Royal goal, due to some confusion on the ice.  Royal forward Sean Malone might have scored that second goal as he was right in the mix also.  Royal goaltenders Lukas Hafner (started the first half) and Chris Funkey combined to pitch the shutout.  Red goaltender Charles Williams started the first half and did not give up any goals.  Red goaltender Trevor Gutierrez started the second half and gave up two goals.  An interested stat from Team Red:  goaltender Charles Williams has not given up any goals in three games, and yet Red is winless at 0-3.  There was one fight in this scrimmage as Red forward Jared Hanson traded punches with Royal defenseman Justin Woods.  Hanson won the decision as Woods left the ice with a bloody nose and did not return to the game.

Players from Royal who impressed me were (D) Chris Knudson, (D) Bryce Hutton, (F) Mac Olson, and (F) Johan Sjoden.  Players from Red who stood out to me were (D) #7 (not on roster), (D) Dax Lauwers, (4) Mike McKee, (F) Jordan Bocher-Gould, (F) Jared Hanson, and (F) Ryan Cole.  I'm going to give my team MVP for Team Royal to the two goaltenders, Chris Funkey and Lukas Hafner.  Both netminders played extremely well.  Team MVP from Red  was forward Jared Hanson.  Like many of us know, Hanson does it all.  He hustles, creates offensive chances, backchecks and plays defense, and also can drop the mitts and bang if he needs to.  

I do have to say again how physical defenseman Dax Lauwers plays, which is putting it mildly.  Watching him today, it appeared like he was a man among boys.  

Scrimmage #9:  Team Yellow (1-1) vs. Team White (1-1)
In the battle of .500 squads, it was Team White who prevailed with a 5-3 win over Team Yellow.  Scoring goals for White was (F) #19 (not listed on roster), (D) Brandon Carlson, (D) Travis Maxwell, (F) Roman Uchyyn, and (F) Scott Howe.  Scoring goals for Yellow was (F) Garrett Cox, (F) Will Clark, and (F) Johno May.  White goaltender Ty Marble started the first half of the scrimmage and gave up one goal.  White goaltender Tim Shaughnessy started the second half and also surrendered one goal.  Yellow goaltender Alex Glockner started the first half and gave up three goals.  Yellow netminder Pheonix Copley started the second half of the scrimmage and gave up two goals.  There was one fight in this game as White forward Kyle Gattelaro dropped the mitts with Yellow defenseman Dan Sakalian.  This one was a draw, in my opinion.

Players from Team Yellow who impressed me this afternoon was (F) Ian McGilvrey, (F) Garrett Cox, (F) Austin Parle, and (D) Cole Martin.  Players from Team White who stood out were (F) Logan Smith, (R) Roman Uchyyn, (F) Ivo Crhak, (D) Lucas Nokelby, and goaltenders Tim Shaughnessy and Ty Marble.  My team MVP from Yellow goes to defenseman Cole Martin who played a quiet, but steady game on the blueline.  My team MVP from Blue goes to forward Ivo Crhak who was a very strong skater and created multiple offensive opportunities for his team.

Whew!  You can't beat a full day of hockey.  I'm beat, so I'm going to get some sleep and do it all over again tomorrow!  I will post a recap article from the Saturday morning session sometime during the afternoon tomorrow.  Thanks again for reading, everyone!  I appreciate it!  If you have any questions about the camp, feel free to leave a comment, or you can email me privately at

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Yeti said...

I've mentioned this before, but there are a number of omissions from the tryout roster, which I'll include below. I'm not sure why the Stars didn't put out a correction sheet with these players names.

Team White:
#18 Forward - Not listed
#19 Forward - Not listed

Team Yellow:
#18 Forward - Not listed
#19 Forward - Not listed

Team Black:
#17 Forward - Not listed

Team Grey:
#18 Forward - Not listed

Team Red:
#7 Defenseman - Not listed